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Vanna White, 66, is the beloved co-host of Wheel of Fortune. She also appears as a guest star or as herself on scripted TV shows.

She discusses her exploitation in Playboy (and the lawsuit she filed against Hugh Hefner) with candor, humor and insight.

Quick Details About Vanna White

Full Name:Vanna Marie Rosich
Net Worth:$70 million
Birth Date:February 18, 1957
Birthplace:North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
Occupation:Television personality, Actress, Fashion Model
Years Active:1980 – present
Notable Works:Wheel of Fortune, The King of Queens, Simon & Simon, Full House, Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
Spouse:John Donaldson (m. 1990–2002), George Santo Pietro (m. 1990–2002)
Children:Nicholas Santo Pietro, Giovanna Santo Pietro

Vanna White Profession and Early career

Vanna White has worked hard to maintain her status as a TV icon and household name. She’s got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and has filmed over 7,000 episodes of Wheel of Fortune, according to CBS Sunday Morning. She also holds a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for most clapping, applauding an average of 600 times per show—over 28,000 claps a season!

Born in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, White attended the Atlanta School of Fashion and started her career as a professional model. After working in a few small roles, including the 1981 film Looker opposite Albert Finney, she auditioned for a variety of television shows and landed a gig on the game show The Price Is Right. Though she did not win, her appearance caught the attention of producers at Wheel of Fortune and they chose her out of 200 applicants to become a co-host.

In 1983, the show began airing on NBC and gained tremendous popularity. By 1986, a syndicated evening version attracted 30 million viewers—twice as many as the No. 2 syndicated program, M*A*S*H—and grossed $100 million a year.

White has parlayed her position on Wheel of Fortune into a number of guest appearances on scripted television shows, including The A-Team, L.A. Law, Full House, The King of Queens, and Married… with Children. She has even starred in an NBC movie titled Venus: The Goddess of Love. Despite her prolific work on the show, Vanna White remains a private person when it comes to her personal life and keeps most details under wraps. One thing we do know is that her blood group is AB+—about 3% of Americans have this rare type.

Vanna White Biography and Wikipedia

American game show host, model, entrepreneur, and actress, Vanna White is best known for her role as the co-host of Wheel of Fortune. She has been a part of the program since 1982. She is also the author of the book ‘Vanna Speaks’. She owns the yarn brand Vanna’s Choice and invests in real estate. She has starred in several films and television shows.

She was born on February 18, 1957 as Joan Marie Rosich in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States. Her parents separated early on in her childhood. She was raised by her mother and stepfather, Herbert White Jr. She enrolled in the Atlanta School of Fashion and Design after graduating from high school. In 1979, she moved to Los Angeles, California.

The following year, she auditioned for the position of a co-host on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and was chosen among 200 candidates. She and her co-host Pat Sajak hit it off right away. She has been a regular on the show ever since.

Occasionally, she takes a break from the show. When this happens, a replacement is usually asked to fill in for her. In January 2011, the show held a ‘Vanna for a Day’ contest in which home viewers submitted videos for a chance to replace Vanna on one episode of the show. The winner, Katie Cantrell, took over for Rounds 2 and 3 (with Vanna watching from backstage) on March 24, 2011.

Vanna White Net Worth

Vanna White’s total net worth is estimated to be around $120 Million. American TV personality and game show host, Vanna White’s popularity gained her fame and fortune. She earns a substantial salary from her work on Wheel of Fortune and has diversified her income through real estate investments, endorsement deals, book sales, and licensing her image to slot machines.

Vanna White Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth (Million)
Vanna White Net Worth in 2024$120 Million
Vanna White Net Worth in 2023$110 Million
Vanna White Net Worth in 2022$100 Million
Vanna White Net Worth in 2021$90 Million
Vanna White Net Worth in 2020$82 Million
Vanna White Net Worth in 2019$74 Million

Vanna White Home, Assets and Cars Collection

Vanna White has a lot of money. Her salary as a co-host of Wheel of Fortune alone is worth a fortune, but she has also been smart about her investment decisions. The TV star owns numerous properties, including a luxurious mansion in Beverly Hills. Her cars are just as impressive.

The famous Wheel of Fortune game show host has earned a good amount of money throughout her life thanks to her talent and hard work. She has done many movies and television shows. She has also posed for Playboy magazine and is an established actress with a strong resume.

However, her most significant source of income is from her career as a TV host. She has been a regular on the popular game show since 1982 and recently signed a new contract for two more years. In addition to her earnings from Wheel of Fortune, she has capitalized on her popularity by licensing her image to casino slot machines.

While Vanna White has a lot of assets, her biggest source of wealth is her real estate investments. The TV star owns over 45 residential and commercial properties. Her favorite investments include a 15,000-square-foot mansion in Beverly Hills.

Besides real estate, the star has a number of other businesses that add to her net worth. She has her own line of yarns called ‘Vanna’s Choice’ through Lion Brand Yarns. She also crochets as a hobby. Her grandmother taught her the craft. Besides that, she has a strong interest in art and has appeared as a minor character or herself in several movies.

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What is Vanna White’s annual salary?

Vanna White’s annual salary is estimated to be around $3 million.

What is the net worth of Vanna White?

Vanna White’s total net worth is estimated to be around $120 Million.

How did Vanna White get so rich?

Vanna White earns a $40,000 salary per episode.

What is Vanna White age?

66 years (18 February 1957)

Is Vanna White married now?

Vanna White was married to George Santo Pietro (m. 1990–2002)

Who is Vanna White’s partner now?

Vanna White’s partner is John Donaldson.

How much does Vanna White make per episode on Wheel of Fortune?

Vanna White makes $10,416.67 per episode from Wheel of Fortune.