Why Vintage Rugs Are a Great Idea?


Everyone wants the best decor for their home so that it feels more comfortable and welcoming. Whether your house is new, or you are renovating, there are lots of decisions to make. One of these is choosing between modern and vintage rugs. Vintage rugs have always been in style, but their popularity has increased in recent years. They are a great idea for several reasons.

Vintage Rugs

Vintage Rugs are a Versatile Option

One of the best things about vintage rugs is that you can use them almost anywhere in the house. You can use large vintage rugs in your living room to bring your decor and furniture together, medium-sized ones in the bedroom to provide a comfy surface to walk on, and smaller ones or runners in your entryway to make your home more welcoming.

If you have enough space in your kitchen, you can also use vintage rugs placed strategically to reduce the chance of slips and falls. You can also find circular vintage rugs for smaller spaces, such as in front of the fireplace.

Their design versatility also means you can mix and match them with different design styles. If you decide to do this, find ones with a neutral base and some pops of colour. Geometric carpets work so well in this designation. You can start your search for versatile vintage rug options at That Rebel House, which stocks and sells a massive variety of vintage carpets.

Vintage Rugs Require Little Maintenance

Vintage rugs are considered forgiving as they hide dirt and wear much better than others. Many of these rugs are also made of wool, which is easy to clean even when you spill something on them. The one thing to remember is to not use harsh chemicals on vintage rugs made out of natural materials as that will ruin them.

An alternative way of ensuring your rugs do not show dirt and wear is to get faded vintage rugs UK or ones that have rust, mossy green and rich brown colours. Seeing dirt and wear on those is only possible if one is really looking.

They Feel Fresh and Provide a Vintage Charm

Antique or vintage does not necessarily mean outdated. So many vintage rugs with great designs and silhouettes fit perfectly with modern design principles. Many of these vintage rugs also come in patterns and colours that look and feel modern.

Due to their sentimental value, vintage rugs provide homes with a charm that is not found in homes that use different types of rugs and carpets. They can also bring that rustic and vintage feel to homes with different types of flooring but work best with wooden or laminate floors.

Vintage rugs are beautiful as they come in numerous colours, designs and patterns. They are also a versatile option as you can find one that fits exactly where you want it, whether in the bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom. These rugs are also an excellent option because of how durable they are, with some of them capable of lasting several generations.