What Are the Common Signs of Dry Eyes and When You Should Visit a Doctor?


A lot of people often talk about dry eyes when it comes to eye diseases, but do you know what is it? The human eye produces tears to keep the eyes moisturized, and when the eyes cannot produce enough tears to keep the eyes moisturized naturally, or it is evaporated quickly, it results in dryness in the eyes.

Apart from this, dry eye can be an outcome of medications that you are taking daily. If you are thinking, whether it’s good or bad, we must tell you that it’s not good in general and one needs to consult with a doctor for dry eye treatment.

In this article, we will discuss what the common signs of dry eyes are, and when you should get in touch with a doctor for professionals assistance.

Common Signs


The signs of dry eyes tend to differ from one to another, and hence it is important to have an idea of the sign so that you can get in touch with an eye doctor if you notice similar symptoms. A lot of people complain about itchiness, stinging, or burning feelings in the eyes; for some people, stringy mucus can be noticed in or around the eyes.

Doctors have also reported some people to complain about uneasiness in the eyes or they may seem to have a problem driving at night. Red eyes with dryness, difficulty to look at the screen for a prolonged duration, inconvenience to wear contact lenses, heavy eyelids, blurry vision, or watery eyes are also among the symptoms, and, if you face any of the symptoms, you should not delay booking an appointment for dry eye treatment.

As mentioned earlier, symptoms can be different, and shoulder stiffness or headaches are also an indication that the individual might be suffering from dry eyes, and it becomes necessary that you  consult your doctor whenever you see similar symptoms from next time onwards.

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Once you have spotted signs of dry eyes, it’s time to book an appointment for a diagnosis. Many doctors suggest that a comprehensive eye examination can turn out to be beneficial to detect dry eyes, and they may ask you to conduct a couple of tests from diagnostic centres.

Once you get the results, your doctor is likely to ask to visit again so that they can take a look at the results and diagnose the conditions properly. Dry eye treatment must not be neglected to assume your eyes are fine. Always remember, negligence can lead to something worse, and hence you should do whatever the doctor tells you.

Schemer Test

Another effective way to detect dry eyes is a schemer test. If the doctor thinks this will be the best test to determine whether you are suffering from dry eyes, they may ask you to go through the same.

In this test, the capability of tear production is measured by placing blotting strips of paper. They will keep the paper on the eyes for a few minutes and the test will be done.

A lot of doctors have said the schemer test is highly efficient for dry eye treatment, and if you think you are suffering from dry eyes, you may have to opt for it.

Quality Test


In many cases, doctors suggest testing the different parts of eyes to understand the severity of dry eyes, so that they can effectively check the staining patterns. The staining patterns on the corneas help to determine whether individuals are facing any issues, and this is another common test to opt for during dry eye treatment.

We hope readers have got an idea of the common signs and when you should book an appointment for dry eye treatment. If you know someone who is also suffering from similar signs, make sure to forward the article to help them right away.


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