What Are the top Value-Adding Customisations for Infor Applications?


Infor is a software company headquartered in New York specialising in ERP and other professional business solutions. Its diverse product portfolio includes hundreds of products and robust offerings in industries such as food and beverage, manufacturing, processing, distribution, and healthcare. While Infor applications are powerful and adaptable, they provide generic solutions that suit every business in a specific industry.

Every business is unique and thus requires some value-adding customisations to their Infor application. This customisation can be achieved through Infor OS extensibility. Hiring professionals with expertise in performing such tasks is the ideal solution to tailor Infor solutions specifically for your business.

Among others, ComActivity is one such organization that provides value-adding customizations. The advanced customized applications don’t hinder the flexibility and scalability of your existing technology while boosting productivity.

Infor Applications

Value-Adding Customisations

Value-adding customisations are alterations in your existing technological interfaces that can drastically improve the efficiency and productivity of Infor applications. These customisations can work with most of the versions of your business system like:

  • H5 Scripts, Xtend M3
  • Mongoose, H5 SDK
  • Infor App Builder
  • Smart Office

This makes value-adding customization a versatile solution for almost every business technology.

Customizations in Infor applications can provide a business with many potential solutions that they previously lacked.

Some of these solutions are:

Implementing Technology

Blend of new technology with your existing Application can help your business as it can:

  • Enable a business’s sales team to check the availability of stocks, submit order requirements, and display products.
  • Give service employees a medium to connect and communicate important details of business like daily routine, customer information, servicing history, and purchase/order details of parts.
  • Please provide a business’s storage and warehouse staff full accessibility to its systems through RF devices and Mobile Technology.

Enhancing Mobility through Applications

The Infor M3 can be extended through Mobile Applications that can run on any device. It provides mobility to the employees working in hectic and busy areas like warehouse, field, or store. These newly extended mobile applications are industry-specific and provide exponential growth opportunities by boosting productivity and efficiency.

These mobile extensions are built to suit your business with 100% accuracy and compatibility with Infor M3. It can be easily configured to run on any mobile device and help you create a system that can go beyond M3 functionality.

Final Thought

Although Infor CloudSuite solutions are designed to suit a company’s needs, each organization has its own set of requirements. With Infor OS Extensibility software, you can customize your Infor application and replace source code to suit changes.

Whether you want to implement these modifications for the first time or already have them installed and integrated into the existing systems, professional expertise can always enhance its usability and cost-effectiveness over time.

A customisation specialist like ComActivity can help your organisation stay current with Infor M3 releases by using secure and pre-approved best practice methods to customise your ERP to suit your particular needs.

Homepages, Personalisation, Scripts, Collaboration, Workflows, Custom Fields, Mashups, App Builder, and more are some of the Infor OS Extensibility software.


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