WHO: Coronavirus Symptoms – Avoid Paracetamol, Ibuprofen


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Coronavirus symptoms

A few weeks ago, it’s been expected that the planet could have a shortage of paracetamol.

The coronavirus has spread immensely everywhere around the world. From the infected Wuhan to all or any parts of the world .

Worldwide, there are already 200,000 confirmed cases and still counting.

Paracetamol is one among the foremost used pain relievers everywhere. India who is leading the exporter of the drugs has now restricted its exports.

Because it’s been counting on China for quite half its active ingredients within the medicine and since China has halted many of its production and labor to a stop, there has been a shortage of it.

Despite this worrisome dilemma, there are still places during which you’ll buy paracetamol.

In France, they have limited the sales of paracetamol to only 1 or 2 per packs without a prescription from the doctor. If the customer doesn’t have any symptoms, he’s allowed one box of paracetamol while two boxes if showing symptoms of pain and fever.

For those with GP prescriptions, it’s still available to people that need an outsized amount.

This move came after the health minister of France, Oliver Veran announced that taking anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen or cortisone could worsen the coronavirus. Alternatives like paracetamol are better.

According to the Infectious disease’s specialist at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris, Alexandre Bleibtreu, the drugs doesn’t act like ibuprofen and cortisone. As such, this doesn’t pose an equivalent risk for patients with Covid-19.

Another announcement that was made was: “We remind patients to use paracetamol. Anti-inflammatories – including ibuprofen – can mask an infection, and potentially aggravate it in certain cases.”

It added, “If you’re currently taking prescribed ibuprofen or cortisone, don’t stop your treatment, and consult your doctor if necessary.”

A warning is additionally being announced that although paracetamols are safe and effective, an excessive amount of intake could lead on to severe liver damage. Patients should follow the recommended dosage stated on the pack and follow the stated time between taking it.

More details on paracetamol:

Take the littlest dosage if necessary and therefore the longest time between doses

Respect the daily maximum dose and therefore the maximum treatment time. Take it for 3 days for fever and 5 days for pain if no there’s no prescription.

Make sure that there’s no paracetamol in other medicines like for pain, fever, allergies, cold or flu

People who weigh but 50kg, those with liver or kidney problems and chronic alcoholism should also refrain from using paracetamol.

Again, for stopping the Covid 19. the govt is urging everyone to:

  • Stay at home the maximum amount as possible
  • Keep a particular distance between you and therefore the others, 6 feet or a minimum of 1 meter
  • Wash your hands with soap always and use alcohol sanitizer gel
  • Cough or sneeze on your elbow than your handsUse tissues and eliminate properly
  • Avoid shaking hands, kissing when meeting with people
  • Stay at home if sick


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