You May Hate Injections, But Not These Ones


Growing up, we may not appreciate every part of our body or our face; we would often look at others and at times have a splash of angst knowing that the opposite person is much prettier and more attractive than they are.

This then causes insecurity among people, especially young and growing girls knowing that they will start comparing themselves to other girls and finding their faults. So, to beautify their features more, they would go under the knife. And by that, I mean, they will opt for plastic surgery, which is not necessarily a bad thing but is widely used for corrections of those features that help curb one’s health problems.

Many surgeries are evolving and are being introduced; with the advancement of technology and sciences, we will be talking about this one surgery that has been all over the world and is both creative and new; here it is – Kybella Injection.


What is it?

This is considered a nonsurgical but injectable treatment that is used to target the fat underneath the chin. This process uses a series of deoxycholic acid injections periodically to target the fat cells and stop the growth in the lower neck region. It is an effortless and smooth procedure where there are no external incisions that are required, and there are a limited to a minimum downside case.

The best age to start from will be 18 years or older, backed up with proof of identification and a moderate amount of fat under the neck. These would be the apt candidate as they are undergoing the Inyecciones de Kybella to solve the problem of the double chin. In contrast, it is not recommended to those who have already a good neck and would want to beautify it even more. This is also not deemed for pregnant women.

How to prepare yourself for the treatment?

This is the part where you decide where to undergo this treatment or not, and once you enrol, you should know that as it is a non-surgical procedure, there are little to no preparations required (if one follows the rules properly).

It’s mostly advisable to book a schedule before the procedure before any major events take place out of the bloom. Some things to follow are – Washing your face properly with a face wash before the treatment can help reduce the risk of infection or skin allergy, and avoid the usage of medication or pills as they cause you more harm than cure; it prevents post-treatment bruising and scarring.

What are the risks and side effects of this treatment?

Although, as mentioned earlier, Kybella Injections are entirely nonsurgical, some of the common side effects include pain around the region, swelling and bruising, redness, and numbness around the face, neck, and chin.

The recovery process after the treatment is minimal to almost none in most cases, but the downtime recovery varies from person to person. But the minor side effect will be over after 2 to 3 weeks of the surgery. Since it all depends from one person to another, serious side effects are facial muscle weakness, crooked smile, having trouble swallowing or pain while gulping, nerve injury on the jaw.

Are they cost-effective?

Kybella injections and surgeries often depend on the person on how much fat is accumulated on the neck and chin and also depends on the hospital. One of the things to consider is that the Costs for this surgery depend on the surgical approach. Overall, fee segmentation includes-

  • Surgeons and their time
  • facility and staff fees
  • medication and instrument fees
  • anaesthesia fees

This is a mysterious treatment, and one should consult their doctor if they want to go ahead with Kybella injections.


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