20 Way How to Help Others During Coronavirus?

how to help others during coronavirus
Homeless Man Sitting on a Street

1. In this coronavirus pandemic social distancing is the best way to help others.

2. Helping others during Coronavirus with the cash could the 2nd most best help.

3. Buy a voucher from a local business struggling to make some sales.

4. Donation into Coronavirus Relief Fund

5. This is the time to spend some quality time with your loved ones, which we miss because of our daily busy schedule. By doing we can help each other in the family living out this time lockdown time frame.

6. Don’t try to stock up the essentials as your stocking will lead to someone else going empty handed.

7. Donate food to the food bank.

8. Donate blood According to The Hill, “nearly 300 Red Cross blood drives have been canceled across the country due to coronavirus concerns”

9. Mobilise for morale

10. One must support brands/organisations that are treating their employees well

11. This is the time to support those who are homeless

12. Time to take extra care of elderly people

13. Avoid spreading fake news coming to you through whatsapp or any other social media.

14. You must be aware how your neighbours are doing.

15. Be a remotely volunteer to the society

16. Donate money to medical organisations

17. Remember the people who are still out there like nurses and doctors, domestic workers, Grocery store clerks, firefighters and police officers, delivery people, and the list goes on.

18. Be a leader and help the community to fight with this coronavirus pandemic

19. Cut down on food waste According to Feeding America, 72 billion pounds of food goes to waste each year.

20. Last but not the least you must take care of yourself.


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