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Chad Doerman is a 32-year-old Ohio father who was arrested Thursday after allegedly shooting his three young sons to death. He also shot his wife, who survived with non-life-threatening injuries. Doerman’s father told The Post that his son “just snapped.”

Harrowing police bodycam footage shows the moment deputies found Doerman calmly sitting on some steps with a rifle after shooting his three children. The boys were ages 7, 4, and 3, according to a sheriff’s department press release. Chad Doerman’s wife was able to escape into the yard and call 911.

Who is Chad Doerman Wife?

The wife of the heinous murderer Chad Doerman is understandably devastated by her husband’s betrayal and the loss of her three children, and she has been surrounded by love and support from their friends and family members. Her sister Rachel Brown has started a GoFundMe to help with the funeral expenses and other related expenses, which has already raised over $50,000. She has also received plenty of messages of condolence and compassion on social media.

Why Did Chad Doberman Kill His Sons?

The 34-year-old woman who survived the terrifying sh00ting reportedly sustained gunshot wounds in her hand.

Prosecutors say that Doberman ‘lined up his three young boys and executed them with a rifle,’ and that he hunted one of the children down when he tried to escape.