10 Modern Dark Color Styles for Your Bedroom


You’ve heard that dark colors may turn your bedroom into a cave – well you’ve heard it wrong.

There is nothing wrong with playing with dark colors and making your bedroom alluring but still cozy and airy. The secret, as always, is in balance. Balancing dark colors with the rest of the room décor.

Difference between modern and contemporary styles

Modern décor includes simple, clean, low lines and functional, natural materials, and expansive neutrals with pops of color.

Whereas, contemporary refers to a much more current décor. Adding some painted skirting boards also resembles the contemporary style. The term contemporary means that décor evolves over time. The décor that was contemporary in the 2000s is now considered vintage. In only 5-10 years’ time, today’s contemporary style will no longer be…well, contemporary.

This means that modern design is constant and specific, while contemporary changes over time. However, modern can be combined with different styles in order to create some beautiful dark bedrooms!

Dark color styles

  1. Dark Colors with Gold Accents

If you decide to color your bedroom walls a deep teal or maybe gray, make sure your ceiling is painted crisp white – this way you’ll prevent a closed-in, cave-like vibe.

Additionally, a white ceiling helps your room maintain an airy feeling. Another way you can create the same effect in your dark wall bedroom is with light-colored flooring.

These kinds of rooms require an elegant pop of color. You can achieve this by placing gold accents throughout the room.

Dark Colors with Gold Accents
Source: Decoist

For example, you can paint your headboard gold, put golden frames on the walls, and you can even upcycle your furniture by putting gold handles on your closets or on your chest of drawers.

You can purchase gold knick-knacks and decorate them all over your bedroom. Also, you can incorporate gold lamps next to your bed.

When it comes to bedding, you should combine white and darker colors.

  1. Elegant Navy Blue

Bedrooms should be both calming and seductive places – and if that is your goal then the elegant navy-blue room will be ideal for you.

Dark navy-blue walls combined with natural or painted wooden furniture will give your room that traditional yet elegant look. Stir clear of metal, plastic, and mirrored furniture if you want to achieve a traditional and elegant vibe.

Elegant Navy Blue
Source: Elle Decor

Dark wood balances the bold paint of your walls and keeps the room warm and friendly. Don’t automatically think that traditional, wooden furniture is boring or old-fashioned – that is not the case with these kinds of rooms.

The bedding in these kinds of rooms should be light and neutral, with pops of dark color – this means that you should keep your bedding mostly white with darkly patterned pillows.

If you want to place a rug or carpet on your floors, once again keep it light and neutral – just like the bedding. You don’t want to overdo it with dark elements.

  1. Distressed Dark Walls

Vintage elegant yet modern is what you want your room to look like. You can achieve this by creating dark decaying elegant walls – use layers of paint and varnish and then distress them to achieve the musty mystique vibe.

This basically means that you will have different shades of, let’s say gray color, on your walls.

Distressed Dark Walls
Source: Manchester Collection

You should keep light-colored flooring in this type of room and light-colored doors and window frames for added effect.

You can decorate this type of room with a rattan bed in light-gray color and darker-grey bedside tables and furniture. You can use black bed linen – this way the mystique vibe you have going on will be on point.

  1. Dark Feature Wall

The dark feature wall is ideal if you like dark but you’re not sure if you want your whole room to be in dark-colored walls.

Dark Feature Wall
Source: First Sense Interiors

One dark accent wall combined with light walls looks perfect. If you choose some shade of grey for your feature wall, you can easily decorate the rest of the room with subtle, pastel colors.

For example, your rug and headboard can be pastel pink or yellow. These undertones of any pastel color you choose will make the room look warmer.

You should go with crisp white linens that have some darker accents and also, modern metallic accents such as light fixtures, would be ideal in this type of room.

  1. Chocolate Brown

It’s a fact that when done right, dark walls can make a small room feel larger.

If you decide to paint your whole room chocolate brown, make sure that your ceiling and window frames, as well as doors, are painted white.

Chocolate Brown
Source: HGTV.com

Also, for a more elegant look, you can add white ceiling and floor skirting boards. Keep your furniture white and modern – white bed and bedside tables with glass lamps.

It’s a good idea to limit yourself to two colors if you’re going for this kind of vibe.

Keep the bed linen white with a few brown accents, the same would go for carpets. When it comes to décor – decorate the room with glass pieces.

  1. All Black Bedroom

An all-black room? Seems risky and, honestly, a bit gothic-like. However, if done right, the all-black bedroom can be beautiful and glamorous.

If you ever dare to paint your bedroom walls black, keep the ceiling white and the floors dark wood.

All Black Bedroom
Source: Simpleandsweets Homes

Decorate the room with dark furniture with white upholstery. Use metallic accents and ornate lighting. You can even incorporate black and white pictures on your walls.

The bed linen should be light, usually white with black and white throw pillows and maybe just a touch of gold here and there. This is how you’ll make this dark color glamorous and elegant, yet modern.

  1. Dark Red

Burgundy or wine-red walls are very dramatic if decorated right. Keep the ceiling white and, if you like, add ceiling skirting boards also in white color.

The floors can be a lighter wood, but not too light – the same applies to furniture.

Dark Red color styles
Source: The Spruce

The headboard of the bed or the bed itself can be mismatched with the rest of the furniture – it would be perfect to add a white bed with white bedside tables.

You can decorate this kind of room with whit a touch of bright colors – just don’t overdo it. For example, bright, colorful bedding or artwork will be more than enough.

To balance out the dark walls, you can place an interesting ceiling light fixture!

  1. Modern Eclectic

If modern eclectic is your style and you want your bedroom to reflect it, this is what you should do.

Paint your walls dark gray or blue, and if you want to play it safe, then have one feature wall painted in one of those colors.

Modern Eclectic
Source: Lonny

Use only 2-3 more colors to decorate the rest of the room. Let’s say that you used a dark grey for the walls, use light, pastel pink for your curtains. Also, for bed linen, use the same shade of pink used for curtains combined with white.

You can add a plush, almost golden-yellow headboard, and metallic accents throughout the room.

Throw pillows can be pink, dark gray, and white with golden yellow accents – to tie it all together with the headboard. You can add a faux fur rug in light gray color for added effect.

  1. Dark Green

If dark green is your favorite color, you can easily incorporate it into your bedroom.

Imagine an all-dark green wall room together with light-colored wood furniture and beige carpet – very charming yet modern.

Dark Green
Source: Sherwin-Williams

Keep the bedding white with accents of dark green.

Decorate the rest of the room with touches of modern, metallic light fixtures and decorations.

  1. Deep Purple

Never considered painting your whole room a deep purple color? Now you can with just the right tips.

If you decide to paint your bedroom walls in this unexpected deep purple color, balance it out by having a white metallic bed, with white bedding and accent it with black and white and purple throw pillows.

Deep Purple
Source: Elle Decor

Have the ceiling painted white and the floors a dark wood. You can decorate with yellow accents for a pop of color and a more dramatic effect!

Hopefully, we managed to inspire you and give you some ideas. Our advice is to be brave and experiment with dark colors – you’d be surprised by how beautiful and glamorous yet calm and cozy, your room could feel with just a bit of dark in it!


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