Various Types Of Retaining Wall: What Suits The Best For Your House


Retaining wall is the great way to support the foundation of your house and also protects from any soil erosion from the terrain. So, it is essential to ensure the sturdy and durable installation of retaining walls. Several factors are qualifying the sturdy retaining walls installation, right from choosing the experienced engineer in selecting the material. Also, many home improvement companies in Little Rock that offer a comprehensive installation ensuring the quality installation. Most of them provide the free estimate. So, choose wisely for the ideal company.

Homeowners at Little Rock should know the different types of retaining walls that consist of various material to be built. Although every material has its own specialty and quality to retain different weathers and any other human-made element, it is important to know that what suits the area you do live in. The retaining walls are mainly purposed for hilly areas to retain the soil mass and keep the dwelling safer from different natural disasters. Almost every retaining wall has been proved to be a strong one.

Let’s take a look at some types of retaining wall.


Despite being simple and decent at its appearance, it ensures the durability and sustainability against different elements. They are produced artificially to ensure the flexibility and varieties. They are most popular amongst homeowners. Apart from this, the concrete retaining wall is also preferred in commercial sectors and for public roads.


Another retaining wall that is mostly installed around the homeowners. The wall is made out of using steel, concrete masonry, and gout, the retaining. Such strong amalgamation results in extremely robust, durable and sustainable retaining wall. The best thing about the brick retaining wall is it requires less maintenance and care so that you do not have to put much efforts and time.


The boulder retaining wall is one of the oldest retaining walls that can be seen around the historical monument. Regardless of being the oldest methodology of building retaining wall, it is one of the proven retaining walls that ensures the durability and sustainability.

Poured concrete

A poured concrete retaining wall is one of the versatile retaining walls that are ideal for both residential and commercial properties. Ensuring the high level of security and attractive appearance, it is one of the most popular retaining walls. When it comes to maintenance, the retaining walls hardly requires much effort.

To Sum It Up

So, these were some of the types of retaining wall that is commonly installed around the residential or commercial properties. So, if you are planning to get a sturdy retaining wall installed, get a comprehensive consultancy from a reliable and reputable home improvement company.


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