Home Improvements that will help you save money


Home improvements can be very expensive. Homes are the pride and joy of many, they represent a person’s style, taste and often are used as a status symbol.

The increase in home prices and economic disadvantages of moving houses has turned many to home improvements, good home improvements won’t only give your house a new look without spending hours and the financial cost of moving, but can also save you a lot of money in bills over the years you live in your home.


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Upgrading appliances

Replaces appliances can be very expensive. This isn’t one upgrade you can do overnight but over the years will certainly save you a lot of money. Old cookers and boilers don’t have the same energy standard as money appliances, meaning they will lead to extra bills at the end of the year.

These two items are big changes but will have the most benefit. Smaller changes that can be made is to upgrade shower and tap heads to ensure extra water isn’t wasted which will ensure you have a cheaper water bill at the end of the year.


A simple clean will not only improve your home but can, in fact, save you money. This doesn’t just mean hovering the carpet and wiping down the sides though.

Cleaning out appliances that use up energy can make them more effective.

Dishwashers, ovens, and fans will be a lot more cost effective if they’re clean and nothing is blocking them from working to their full potential. Not only is cleaning appliances important but it’s also important to focus on the outside of the house.

Clean guttering can help you save a lot of money. Cleaning your gutter cannot only allow your home systems to run better, it can also help you save a lot of money down the line. Bad guttering can cause damages to the house.

Potential risks of damp, leaking and cracked walls can all come from bad guttering, which is why it is an easy cost effective way of saving money.


Home Improvement Insulation

Insulation can be one of the biggest energy savers in a house. In the winter months, this is even more important as a lot of money can be saved by stopping drafts. One of the ways to fully insulate your house would be with cladding.

Cladding can offer your house an extra layer of protection not only keeping cold air out but also keeping the warm air inside your house. It can also add a nice look to the house as Brick Slips which give the appearance of bricks can be used to cover the cladding. Brick slips come in lots of different styles and look to suit everyone’s taste, companies such as EuroBrick offer a range of brick slips which will suit any house.

Brick slips can also be used inside to both enhance your kitchen with a unique look or even add a traditional look to a fireplace.


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