7 Cost Effective Ways to Make Your Garden Look Professionally Designed


7 Cost Effective Ways to Make Your Garden Look Professionally DesignedEverybody wants their garden to look more and more beautiful and that’s where the lawn designer or landscaper field came from. But not every person affords to hire a high profile interior decorator or garden planner to design their backyard lawn and make it look stylish and modern at the same time. Your internet is there to guide you in redesigning of your lawn without spending a handsome amount of money. Here are some good style ideas to apply.

Remove the clutter

The first thing your guests notice when coming to your home is cleanliness and maintenance of your garden. So first and foremost tip for lawn renovation is to remove all the unnecessary things like tools, broken furniture, a pile of leaves and especially garden hose from the scene after finishing your work.

Shape up your lawn   

Everything looks great when it has some boundary or shape. So, apply this tip and cut your lawn grass in some shape like a square, circle or any other definite pattern according to your garden’s area. Remove all the unnecessary grass and weeds coming out of the shape. This will give symmetry to your lawn as well.

Surround the flower beds

Flower beds look more elegant and eye-catching if they are surrounded by some tiny retaining wall of bricks. Try this trick and see the results yourself. If possible try to paint the retaining wall in white color to add beauty.

Gravel up your patios

Using gravel instead of pavement for paths and patios in your garden looks great. Try to make a sharp boundary for the paths, remove all the loose soil and fill it with some white gravel preferably with Honey Stone.

Add some Lighting

A nicely organized and decorated garden is worthless if there is not enough or suitable lighting in it. Small outdoor LED lights are a good option for evenings. These lights are very cheap to buy online and there is no need for the electrician to install them. Just hang those lights around the fences, in the branches of trees or you can lay them along the pavements using some glass jars to cover them.

Colour your plant containers

Ordinary clay or terracotta plant containers add appeal to your lawn if you paint them in some bright color in accordance with your surrounding walls, window panes or lights used on the lawn. For example, if you have pale white gravel in your patios then adding some bright red or rust-colored medium-sized plant containers on one side of the patio under the window panes will do wonders.

Prefer Perennials

Another cost-effective way to add some style to your garden is to plant perennials instead of annuals. Perennials are those plants which come every year while annuals are just for one season only. Some good perennials options include cornflower, Baptisia, Sage and Veronica. Some perennials are costly to purchase but think of it as a one-time investment for many years ahead.

Article by: Nuur Hasan

Nuur Hasan is a software developer, web developer and a technical writer with more than seven years of experience. He believes that sharing knowledge can do wonders and that is why he likes to blog. His other interests include politics and sports.


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