Optimal Diet and Nutrition to Combat Hair Loss


Hair loss is commonly associated with the aging process, as in the most cases people tend to lose hair when they grow older. Nowadays, a large number of young individuals are also losing hair and go bald in their twenties and thirties, which ask for more research about the hair loss conditions and possible triggers.

Hair loss can be triggered by so many underlying conditions such as Androgenic Alopecia, Autoimmune disorder or Alopecia Areata, stress and thyroid disorder. Apart from these conditions, a highly influential role can be played by the nutritional deficiencies in the body to trigger hair loss.

Necessary nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, calcium, and zinc are basic building blocks of the hair growth and their deficiencies may lead to so many hair thinning and hair loss conditions.

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How to combat hair loss triggered by a nutritional deficiency

Eating a balanced diet is the best thing one can do to combat the hair loss and hair thinning conditions triggered by nutritional deficiencies. If you are losing hair even having a balanced diet, there can be some other reasons behind and you need to consult an expert trichologist for that and you can get free professional assistance at hair transplant Dubai clinic

You can also opt for the supplements to overcome the baldness and hair loss problems, but nothing better than having a suitable diet. Here are the foods that you can eat to stimulate the hair growth.


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Dairy products and eggs

Eggs and dairy products are a great source of essential nutrients that play an important role in stimulating the hair growth. Eggs are a rich source of vitamin B12, proteins, vitamins, zinc, and fatty acids. The deficiency of any of the nutrient can lead to hair loss problems. Therefore, most trichologists recommend eating enough amount of eggs and dairy products in your daily dieting regimen.

Dairy products and eggs
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Leafy vegetables including spinach and broccoli

To get the thick and luscious hair, you might try different hair care products and procedures but those things can induce severe side effects. But nothing to worry as you can get the equally healthy and luscious hair by eating some dark leafy vegetables. These vegetables are enriched with the essential nutrients that are helpful in putting the hair growth in the right way.

Leafy vegetables
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Oats are not only enriched with the fibers that are helpful in maintaining the heart rate, but they also contain the sufficient amount of essential nutrients that are necessary for the hair growth. These are also the rich source for omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for normal skin and hair growth. Make sure to add a few oats in your diet regimen to put your hair growth in the right way.


Walnuts are among the most hair friendly dry fruits. They are not only a rich source of omega-6 fatty acid but also contain zinc, vitamin and plenty of proteins. Include this healthy dry fruit in your regular diets and you may be able to get luscious and healthy hair.


Onions are a known remedy for hair loss problems. With the rich amount of zinc and iron, onions are beneficial in stimulating the hair growth. An onion juice is also used as a topical remedy for hair loss. This conventional way to treat hair loss is the can also help in preventing the premature graying of hair.


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Garlic can also be a tonic for most of the hair loss problems. It contains a good amount of sulfur that promises to put your hair growth in the right way.


Honey can be helpful in sorting out the hair thinning problems when it is used as a topical solution. The seborrheic dermatitis patients who suffer from itching, dryness, and dandruff related hair loss can benefit from the topical solution of the honey as it helps in removing them. A mixture of honey and water can be used as a solution to remove the impurities from the scalp that are causing hair loss.


Oysters are a great source of zinc which is beneficial in repairing the damaged hair follicles and putting the hair growth in the right way.


A major part of the hair is made up of proteins and eating a diet enriched with proteins is essential in putting the hair growth on the right path. If you are deficient of proteins and not getting it fixed even after using the protein enriched food, then you must be suffering from an underlying hair loss condition that can only be sorted with a proper hair loss treatment.

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Carrots are not only good for the eyes and overall health, but they can do a wonder for your hair as well. They are a great source of vitamin A and the natural conditioners that prevent your hair from being damaged and dried off.

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A vitamin C enriched fruit Guava can also do wonders in hair growth. Most dermatologists recommend eating guava can help you stimulate the hair growth and enhance the collagen production in the scalp.


Cucumber is a conventional treatment for facial skin, it can also enhance the hair growth if consumed in a good amount. Blend some cucumber and obtain a paste, apply that paste on the scalp to stimulate the collagen production and enhance the hair growth.


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