Anxious About Thinning Hair? Home Remedies for Effective Hair Growth


top_tips_for_healthy_hairNormal people know that hair of the head adds to the beauty any individual posses and that its’ just a normal outgrowth of the human body. The science behind hair growth is normally not known to many. Its normally considered a ‘protein filament’ and it grows from the inner layer of our head skin where hair follicles are found. Hair is mainly linked with beauty but it has some important effects on our body as well. Thinning hair is always a curse to those who are conscious about their outer appearance. Let’s take a look as to how proper care can be taken to prevent it from thinning.

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What leads to Thinning Hair and ultimately hair-fall?

We get to see often that some people have extremely thick hair while some have thinner hair, irrespective of the gender. Though sometimes it can be of genetic dysfunction, chances are also there that other reasons prevail in this case. There are some medicines that can lead to thinning of hair, like steroids and warfarin. Stress in a person’s life is also considered as a major reason for hair fall that leads to thinning of it. Other than these, thyroid patients, diabetes patients, and new mothers also experience conditions like this. In men particularly, consuming alcohol, smoking, and higher sun exposure is researched to be the cause of loss of hair.

How to get rid of this stressful condition?

Well, there are many suggested ways in today’s time that explain the prevention and cure of thinning hair, but very few amongst them seems easy and impelling. As people these days go through a busy schedule, here are some ways that are handy (and cost effective too!) in taking care of your ‘natural heritage.’

  • Massaging the scalp with almond oil or warm coconut oil can be declared as the ultimate hair saving technique. Its believed that this increases the flow of blood to the follicles and strengthens the hair roots.
  • And how can we ignore the usage of onion juice? The most coveted repair to damaged hair and also effective in hair growth. This homely remedy is easy to access and apply. The high sulfur content and the anti-bacterial property makes this apt for a healthy and thick hair.

Onion juice for hair regrowth before and after.

  • Dust and pollution also lead to bad hair, so covering the hair while going out can also be fruitful in maintaining a good hair.
  • Meditation, even for some time of the day can lead to nourished hair.
  • Green tea, Amla (Indian gooseberry), Neem leaves, Aloe Vera, curd and egg white paste, beetroot juice- all comprises of some kinds of nutrients which are effective in preventing hair loss that leads to thinning hair.
  • In a whole, taking proper care of the hair scalp, a healthy diet, no hormonal imbalance, minimal stressed life and umpteen amount of nutritious consumption can save us from the hazards of hair fall and hair thinning.

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“The beauty lies in one’s eyes” is a passe these days as people are more aware of how their hair looks appealing in front of the public eyes. Styling hair is in fashion nowadays where we get to see numerous hair styling kits and hair designers taking this trend to a different level of gratification. But what’s the use of all these without a proper hairline? So, taking proper care of it before thinning hair even starts showing its presence is a must. After all, we all are aware that ‘prevention is better than cure.’


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