World AIDS Day – Meant For Awareness, Not to be Tabooed


Words-Aids-DayWorldwide, 1st December is considered to be World AIDS Day. There are several myths and misconceptions regarding this disease called AIDS. And so, one particular day is kept aside every year, basically to spread awareness among commoners regarding this deadly disease.

It’s still regarded as a social stigma to be an aids patient and many are made to bear the brunt of being one.

Not all know about the details of Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome – as is the actual name of AIDS, thus the knowledge of it should be a must for every individual and that’s carried out voraciously on this day.

Reasons for AIDS being a taboo in our society

The most common and prevalent reason is that it spreads by touching the patient and living with them.

No! AIDS spreading needs various parameters to be fulfilled- unprotected sexual contact with the HIV infected person, wet kiss, same needle sharing, any kind of body fluids of the infected person entering into the body of a normal person and from a mother to her unborn baby.

The cause of AIDS can be anything from above but its generally presumed to be having contaminated via sexual contact with many partners – again a reason behind abandoning AIDS patients. This outlook needs to be changed for good, the reason does not necessarily have to be this only.

AIDS is mainly caused by a virus called HIV or Human Immuno-deficiency Virus. As it is conferred by the name, it attacks the immune system of a person leading to failure of our body’s ‘natural defense’ against diseases. People in rural areas still believes this to be a curse that has befallen the patients for their bad deeds.

People question the sexual sanity of a patient if they are not married to an infected partner or rather unmarried. Again! AIDS doesn’t only spread through sexual contact that people should get fixed in their head and its high time they understand this now.

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Is it curable? A big question

Well, to be honest, it isn’t! it can be delayed with the modern inventions of drugs but cannot be completely cured if any person is attacked with the HIV virus.

The survival chances may vary from as low as a month to several years, depending upon the resilience of the patients and how effectively the medicines work on them.

Every patient suffers from a disease that can be deadly or harmless but how he or she is treated depends on how soon he or she will recover from the disease. That’s why every patient must be handled with equal care and compassion.

So, a social awakening has become essential on this fast-paced lifestyle of people where we all are becoming heartless creatures. World AIDS Day is a small attempt at this cause of spreading awareness among fellow citizens about this disease, still miles to go through.


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