5 Basic Ideas to Make Your Jewelry Statement


Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and thought, “something is missing.” But none of the accessories you have to go with your outfit? There is nothing to worry about because we have got you covered.

Women sometimes go along with the ongoing fashion instead of making a statement because of the fear of looking odd. Let us give you some of the primary ways to fix that outfit for you and give you the confidence to be different from the ongoing trends.



Many of us fear making a bold move because of all the attention it might grab. But what if your move could be the next fashion statement? Necklaces are one of the leading jewelry items, and they add beauty to the outfit.

Statement necklaces are the first to catch stares because of their size and glamour. They are big, chunky, shiny, and most of all, express you as a person. Most of us step away from sparkling accessories because they seem too much, but anything with stones never hurt anyone, at least not when you are wearing it.

Stones go well with every outfit and gives it a different aesthetic. So, wear a choker or a multiple strand necklace; you can never go wrong when it comes to stones. A necklace with big stones is the perfect fit for the ones out there trying to be in the spotlight but not THE spotlight!


Have you ever thought of wearing two different earrings and then stepped back because people might think you got ready in the dark? Trust us when it comes to statement earrings because everything is in fashion.

Earrings are the most delicate pieces of jewelry and have a significant impact on how you look. So, if you are worried that you might have lost an earring, know that it will go perfectly with a different one, and you will be the fashionista! A stud can be paired with a dangling earring, and you will have all the admirable stares.


Without rings, no outfit can ever be complete. While they may seem small and unnoticeable, they can make a statement for you without you even knowing. 

There are a billion varieties when it comes to rings, and the best part is that you can even make them at home. While delicate rings have always been in fashion because of their beauty, statement rings come with a little twist that sets them apart from the ongoing trends. 

Rings with a big stone or gem are instant eye-catchers. Similarly, rings with metal motifs can complement almost any outfit without it coming as too much. Moreover, wearing too many rings never goes out of fashion. With the ongoing fashion trends, knuckle rings have become the new cool. So, take fashion inspiration from Phoebe Buffay from the show “Friends” and know there is no such thing as too many rings.

Lastly, if you are bored of wearing the same rings, know that while other jewelry items might be hard, rings are the easiest and can be made at home.

Get a piece of wire and make your statement ring. Do not worry about the rings being too simple because that wire wrapped around your finger might just be the new cool. 

Bangles and Bracelets

Bangles are considered too glamourous and suitable for weddings. While they might seem too much, remember there is no such thing as “too much” when it comes to making a statement. 

Bangles are multi-colored and can go with almost anything you wear, be it formal, casual, or dressy. Statement bangles have stones and pearls in them, while we believe bold is the way to go.

So, wearing bright colored bangles on one of your wrists will instantly make you stand out in the crowd. And what is better than having all the attention?

Bracelets and bangles might overlap for most of us; there is a tiny difference that sets them both apart. While you can wear multiple bangles on either of your wrists, bracelets are only one of a kind. 

Every time you think of wearing quarter sleeves and feel like something is missing, remember it is that bracelet on your dressing table. Statement bracelets can be of many kinds, so if you are confused between your three favorites, wear them all!

Multiple bracelets can instantly elevate your look without you even wanting to try hard. There is no need to go for either all stones or all gems when you can mix them and make a fashion statement with bracelets.


The primary purpose of wristwatches is to tell time as to why they are not considered accessories. We are sorry to inform you, but they are!

Statement wrist watches are perfect for people who want to keep it formal and classy. While bracelets are bangles are always the right choice, but when it comes to wearing a suit and impressing your boss, wrist watches might be a better fit. 

We believe mixing different vibes is a statement; wristwatches will add to their look people carrying that formal attire. Statement wristwatches are not too shiny or out there but rather sober and simple. And sometimes simple tends to stand out, so in a world full of glamour, dare to be simple!


After all, 2021 and with all the different ongoing fashion trends making your own is the best way to go about things. Why become a follower when we have given you some of the easiest and basic methods of becoming a leader?

We are in an era where social media dominates the world. So how about you put these ideas to use and make an Instagram page. Who knows you must just be the next fashion designer? The best part about fashion is that it helps you express yourself, and the accessories you put on speak for you. So as Florida Georgia Line said, “Get your shine on!”


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