6 Tips for effective management in your organization


Effective management of employees and resources is key to the success of any organization. If you prefer human resource MBA pathway for effective management, you should be aware of the attributes that can help you become a good manager.

The role of a good manager isn’t always smooth sailing though. Years of management experience and academic expertise can sometimes fall short in solving important company issues. Hence, you should always remain keen to learn on the job.

Here are 8 effective management tips that can help you handle any organizational problems in your company.

effective management

Honest and open communication

Most employees want to be informed about ongoing business developments, project statuses and changes in goals or deadlines. Not communicating with your employees openly and honestly can make them feel secluded and unimportant. An open communication channel can also help you put out the message that you encourage relevant feedback and your staff can approach you for any problems.

Positive working relationships

Getting to know your employees on a more personal level can help you build more meaningful relationships. This can in turn promote employee engagement and loyalty. It can also promote team spirit and bonding.

Acknowledgment of good work and efforts

Most employees require some sort of regular encouragement and acknowledgment for their good work. Respecting their efforts and lauding them for it can boost their morale and motivate them further to raise their performance standards. Regular encouragement can also ensure that your employees are clear about what is expected from them.

Realistic expectations

Your employees aren’t super-humans. Hence, it can be unfair to have unrealistic expectations from them. Setting unrealistic expectations also cause them to feel pressured and demotivated about their targets. Ideally, you should involve your employees in the process of setting their monthly or annual goals. This way, you get an accurate idea of their capabilities and can have realistic goals that they can easily achieve.

Right and timely delegation of responsibilities

A major component of the job of any effective manager is to correctly delegate responsibilities to their team members. While delegating duties, you should keep in mind every employee’s strengths and weaknesses and also give them enough time to complete their duties. People usually perform better when they are given duties in accordance with their best skills. Thus the right and timely delegation of responsibilities can enhance the productivity of your entire company.

Effective conflict resolution

Conflict resolution is important in any workspace. Turning a blind eye to negative vibes and the environment can hamper the productivity in your employees and block communication channels. Effective conflict resolution can also send out the message to your employees that their emotional and mental well-being is important to you.

Empathetic and decisive leadership and management can motivate your employees to fulfil their career goals and company objectives. In addition, effective management can also drive employee engagement and loyalty. You should look for appropriate MBA programmes in human resource management to get started on your managerial journey.


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