Artificial Intelligence based tools to Increase Business Productivity


Artificial Intelligence has affected the way businesses work today, and most of us fear that it might take away our positions too.

This is true that with the introduction of AI in our lives it has become much easier and sorted. It has helped businesses to run their operations smoothly and gain more profit out of it.

But, it is not designed to cut away human jobs and instead has made them achieve their targets efficiently.

In India, most of the start-ups are still not aware of the benefits of AI which is why it is still emerging. As a business writer, I have observed different corporate structures where the use of AI has made it convenient to process their complex data without any supervision.

So I have listed down a few tools which can help businesses to improve their productivity with accurate and safe results.

Google Cloud

Artificial Intelligence

Google Cloud Machine Learning offers services for storage, networking, machine learning, big data, developer tools, cloud management and other internet based things.

It helps businesses improve their customer experience by serving as a solution to problems like responding to customer queries/e-mail in time, identifying clouds in satellite images.

Google Cloud Platform can be accessed by IT companies, cloud administers, software developers including higher-level services related to the big data.

Pricing for this AI based tool depends on your usage since there are no upfront payments. Users need to pay only for the cloud resources that they use. The specific rates and terms of usage depend on different services.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

It is considered as one of the next big things as it serves as a more simplified way to design advanced analytics on the cloud using different packages from Xbox, Python, Bing.

The data preparation tool in Microsoft Azure helps to combine years old data in a more simplified manner. It is a one-stop platform for data lovers to custom web services.

It supports open source technologies so that you can run any application virtually using your data source and operating system.

Microsoft Azure provides you with flexible options for purchasing for all your cloud-based needs.

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API.AI (Dialogflow)

API.AI (Dialogflow)

Failing to offer an unforgettable experience to your users?

Dialogflow will be your saviour.  

This tool ensures that the users get proper voice and text-based conversational interface while visiting your site to improve user experience and develop an emotional bond with them.

These include chatbots or different voice apps which help the customers guide through their queries for a distinct experience.

This initially reads the commands as per the data provided by the developer but gradually improve through the experience from interactions from the users.

It can be created on any platform such as Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger, Alexa and others across all devices in almost every language.

Is your business struggling with ROI?

If yes, then this tool is for you.

This AI tool cuts the manual efforts of running or editing the paid campaigns and instead guide you on the points of improvement. It also provides creative solutions for ads in different formats.

Its AI-based algorithm offers automated features that suggest the right thing according to your business type.

This tool also helps you to track and analyse the results of the marketing campaigns by syncing the data from Google or any other third-party data providers.

The minimum monthly fee for Facebook and Pinterest is 2,500 € however; it can increase depending on the traffic gained from the campaigns.



Videos too have not been unaffected by Artificial Intelligence.

Amazed? Well, it is true.

Lumen5 is an automated video creation platform based on artificial intelligence which works on a simple slider-based interface with drag-and-drop controls.

It contains millions of media files which allow you to make videos the way you want that too with minimal effort.

You can also choose from some different themes and embedded your brand/company name and other distinct features.

The pricing for the tool depends on how many features you want in your subscription. The basic subscription is free for everyone; you can use it to understand how it works.


These business tools help in improving the quality of your work by presenting error-free results which ultimately drive for more productivity and profit. If you still have a blurred vision about their benefits, I will suggest you try them once and see for yourself.

It’s never too late to Try!


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