How an automated identity verification can ease your workflow?


Identity verification has attained center stage in the cyberspace due to the ever-increasing number of online identity theft cases and billions being lost every year because of poor online fraud prevention measures were taken by individuals and companies alike.

Increasing number of Identity verification services are now available on the internet providing digital identity verification to businesses in various forms.

Features of such online identity verification systems vary significantly depending on their target audience. But the common goal of ridding online marketplace from fraud and identity theft is common in all of these solutions. But the most important aspect of any identity verification service is the level of automation involved in the verification process, otherwise, the utility of a verification system is not much of a worth.

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Automation in digital identity verification

What does automation in identity verification services actually mean? It simply means that a verification process that is completed automatically in a few seconds, if not entirely in real time. No matter, what aspect of a person’s identity is being verified, the digital identity verification process has to be completed in less than 1 minute.

It is important that the identity verification system must be able to perform all necessary checks in the provided time because no compromise can be made on the authentication status provided by an identity verification service.

Shufti Pro is presenting identity verification services to its global customer base that is fully automated. It was made possible by building the entire verification service pack on Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm. The data collection process was also streamlined by Shufti Pro in order to complete the entire process in 30-60 seconds and, verification results are forwarded in real-time to both end users and Shufti Pro customers, simultaneously.

OCR based ID verification Services

Among all forms of digital identity verification services, ID verification is considered most authentic to validate a person’s identity. It helps to verify the personal credentials of an individual with the help of an official ID document.

To make this process entirely hassle-free for end users as well as for its customers, Shufti Pro has introduced OCR technology in its identity verification services. Data extraction is performed using OCR technology from the official ID document. An end-user or Shufti Pro customer has to just display or upload an official identity document. The intelligent system of Shufti Pro will extract important credentials directly from the identity document and verify them with provided credentials.

So an automated identity verification service can take the hassle away from businesses to register an authentic and reliable customer base. Cases of online identity theft will be significantly reduced and online fraud prevention will reach its epitome with an AI-based Shufti Pro protecting your corporate interests in real-time, without creating any problem for verified user to use your services. With a global presence in 190+ countries and support for over 150 languages, Shufti Pro is best suited for businesses that want to integrate a bespoke identity verification system into their business.


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