Uninterruptable Power Supplies & Their Common Applications For Home and Business


When it comes to your Australian business, you cannot afford to have any downtime at all because this means costs for your business and reductions in profits. The Australian business economy loses literally millions of dollars every single year due to power outages, spikes in power and reductions in power as well. It tends to affect their businesses and especially so if they rely on electricity in order to be able to function. This pretty much covers all businesses but if you are running a production line for example or a string of computers then it becomes even more important that you maintain your power source.

These are just some of the reasons why Australian businesses make sure that they invest in affordable uninterrupted power supply so that their businesses do not suffer as a direct result of the inconsistencies from their power supply. Many modern businesses capture customer financial details and so these have to be protected at all costs and so if you are inputting data and you experience a brownout, then there is a distinct possibility that this information may be lost if it is not saved properly.

This is when a UPS comes to the rescue because it keeps the power on for a short period of time until you can back everything up and your business does not suffer and neither do your customers. The following are just some other common applications for a UPS within your home or business.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

For computer networks

Computers are used in all different fields including education, business and even healthcare and so everything needs to be done to protect information and to protect people due to power shortages. Investing in a UPS will help to protect things like computers, laptops and servers from fluctuations in voltage. It allows staff enough time to save the work that they have done so that they can shut down these devices properly.

In hospitals & medical facilities

In any hospital, you will find many sensitive pieces of medical equipment that need to be protected such as ventilators, heart monitors and even dialysis machines. When power goes out in your home, you are inconvenienced for a short period of time but when it goes out in a hospital or medical setting, this is completely different and it can also be life-threatening.

For manufacturing & industrial businesses

These particular sectors invest heavily in important machinery and equipment and they can’t afford for it to be damaged by fluctuations in voltage or power surges. It will end up costing them an incredible amount of money to fix them or in the worst-case scenario, to replace them altogether. A UPS on-site can protect these types of machinery and help to minimise downtime experienced.

These are just three applications when a UPS is an invaluable piece of equipment and there are many more. Make sure that your business doesn’t suffer today, tomorrow or any time and invest in a quality, affordable UPS today.