The Health Benefits Of Spending Your Time On Or Near The Beach


If you have some vacation time coming up or there is a free weekend in your future then it’s time to get yourself out of your town or city and as close to the ocean as possible. There have been many studies completed and they all point to the fact that spending time on or near the ocean is incredibly good for both physical and mental health. You will see families from all across Singapore load up the car, the kids and even the family dog and head off in the direction of the beach whenever they get any free time at all and the sun peeps out from behind the clouds.

There is so much to do for both adults and children at the beach and for those parents out there, there is always the option of visiting the Singapore Beach Club where you will get to enjoy fine food, cold beverages and a fantastic selection of wines and spirits. This is just one of the benefits of spending your time close to the beach and the following are some others.


It reduces your stress levels – If your job has been getting on top of you or being a homemaker is turning out to be incredibly stressful then it’s time to start heading in the direction of the ocean. We all carry around far too much stress here in Singapore and so we need to do something to reduce these unhealthy levels that will lead to poor health outcomes. There is something about the beach that just allows us to instantly relax and many speculate that is the view, it’s the ocean air and its many other things.

It’s fantastic for mental health – Once again there are been many studies that prove that people who live near the beach or within sight of the beach tend to suffer from lower incidences of poor mental health. The jury is out on what it is that makes it so good for our minds but whenever it is, if you get an opportunity to spend a whole day or longer at the beach then you need to grab it with open arms.

A great way to meet new people – If your social life is lacking somewhat then you are bound to find like-minded people hanging out at the beach. There are so many different activities to get involved in and there should be one that you like to do yourself. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to communicate with other people and to strike up new friendships that might even last you a lifetime.

These are only three reasons why spending time at the beach is incredibly good for your physical and mental health and believe me when I tell you that there are many more. If you get any kind of opportunity to spend time there then take it and get yourself and your family members there as soon as possible.