Health Benefits of Engaging in SUP Hire Activities


One of the leisure activities that have been rapidly gaining popularity across Australia is stand-up paddleboarding or SUP. The sport, often simply referred to as SUP Hire since the vast majority of enthusiasts prefer to hire or rent their boards, is not only a fun way to spend your summer days but also delivers numerous health benefits. The initiation of this article aims at discussing these health benefits closely and encourage more people to enjoy this incredibly beneficial activity.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding started as a pastime of ancient Hawaiian warriors but has seen resurgence over the past decade across the Australian coastlines as a perfect summer activity. Fans of SUP Hire enjoy it not just because it’s an excellent way to bask in the sun, but also due to its surprising health benefits, making it a fitness trend worth exploring.

SUP Hire

Get to Know SUP Hire

Before diving into the health benefits, understanding the background of SUP is essential. SUP is a fusion of surfing and canoeing, where the paddler stands upright on a large board and uses a paddle to propel through the water. It might seem simple, but the activity offers more than just fun in the water.

In Australia, the accessibility to SUP Hire services has heavily influenced its popularity. Numerous companies offer hire services at most Australian beaches, making it an ideal choice for locals and tourists who might not want to commit to purchasing equipment outright. To get started, all you need is bare essentials: a paddleboard, a floatation device, and sometimes, a wet suit depending on the water temperature.

The Physical Benefits of SUP Hire Activities

One significant benefit of SUP Hire activities is the all-body workout it offers. Engaging your muscles from your toes to your head, it’s a perfect low-impact exercise to tone your body.

The main muscle groups strengthened through SUP are your core, legs, back, shoulders, and arms. With the need to maintain balance and the constant rowing action, SUP Hire activities activate various muscles providing an effective full-body workout. This can also lead to improved body strength and flexibility.

Importantly, SUP is a wonderful way to burn calories. Depending on the pace and water conditions, you can burn anywhere between 300-1,000 calories per hour. This makes it an appealing activity for those aiming to manage their weight or improve their fitness levels.

Mental Health Benefits of SUP Hire

Stand-Up Paddleboarding’s benefits extend beyond merely physical. The activity can have an exceedingly positive impact on your mental health. The calming effect of being out in nature coupled with the rhythm of paddling can be therapeutic, thus enhancing your sense of well-being.

SUP can help improve focus, as maintaining balance on the board while navigating requires a level of concentration that helps in calming the mind. Additionally, it serves as an excellent stress-reliever. The combination of physical exertion and the natural, serene environment is known to reduce cortisol, the body’s main stress hormone.

Exploring the Cardiovascular Benefits

The cardiovascular benefits of SUP are equally impressive. Because SUP is a low-impact exercise, it contributes to a healthy heart without causing too much stress on your joints and muscles. It facilitates the increase in heart rate and enhances oxygen-flow to your muscles, thus helping in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

With regular practice, SUP could act as a shield against stroke, heart attack, and high blood pressure. Moreover, because it’s a safe and low-impact activity, it’s ideal for people who can’t manage high-intensity workouts or individuals recovering from an injury.

SUP Hire and Vitamin D Exposure

An often overlooked yet compelling health benefit of SUP Hire is the exposure to Vitamin D. Participating in this water sport ensures you get a healthy dose of sunlight necessary for the body to produce Vitamin D – an essential nutrient known for promoting bone health, supporting the immune system and maintaining good mental health.

Engaging in SUP Hire activities during the early hours of the day would mean avoiding the harsh midday sun while still managing to absorb a sufficient amount of Vitamin D.

SUP for Balance and Stability

SUP Hire can significantly improve your balance and stability. Standing on a paddleboard requires a balance that grows over time. This improved balance can extend to everyday activities making you less prone to injuries.

The constant need to adjust your weight while controlling the board provides a good workout to your core muscles. Moreover, as you constantly work against the water’s constant motion, you unknowingly train your body’s micro-stabilizing muscles, enhancing your overall stability.

Encourages Outdoor Connectivity

SUP Hire presents a unique opportunity to immerse yourself into Australia’s breathtaking waterways. By spending more time outdoors, you get to connect with nature, fostering a greater appreciation for our environment.

Engaging in outdoor activities itself has multiple health benefits, with research linking it to reduced stress levels, improved mood, enhanced mental wellbeing and a general increase in physical health. SUP as an outdoor activity amplifies these benefits by adding elements of concentration, balance and physical exertion.

SUP Hire as a Social Activity

Stand-Up Paddleboarding isn’t just an individual sport; it serves as an excellent social activity. Engaging in SUP Hire with friends and family makes it more enjoyable, providing an opportunity to cultivate better relationships.

SUP Hire events or races are common occurrences in Australia’s coastal towns, such events often include beginners to seasoned SUP-ers and promote a sense of community among the participants. The shared experience of learning, falling and improving together can help in building stronger bonds, making it an ideal choice for socializing.

Considerations and Precautions for SUP Hire

While SUP is an incredibly beneficial sport, precautions are key to ensuring safety, particularly for beginners. It’s important to understand water safety before venturing into SUP. Knowledge about the weather, tide, the flow of the water, and possible underwater hazards is crucial.

Additionally, beginners should ideally start in calm waters and gradually move to waves or faster currents, also wearing a personal flotation device is highly advisable. Start with shorter durations and increase your time on the water as you feel more comfortable and build your strength and stamina.


The numerous benefits of SUP prove that it’s more than a passing trend. It’s a fun activity that offers a unique blend of physical and mental benefits.  So, it’s time to embrace the wave and take advantage of SUP Hire this summer, encouraging the shift away from temporary fitness resolutions towards lifestyle changes that can create a lasting impact on our health.

Discover the joy of gliding through the water, feeling the radiant sun on your skin, and allowing the rhythm of the ocean to guide your journey towards wellbeing – that’s the invitation of Stand-Up Paddleboarding. Embrace it!