Top Horse Riding Accessories Every Equestrian Should Own


As equestrian enthusiasts, we are always on the lookout for accessories that not only enhance our riding experience but also ensure our safety and that of our four-legged companion. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned equestrian or just starting out, the question remains, what are the mandatory accessories you should own? And, how can they significantly improve your riding expertise? This comprehensive guide will offer insights into the top horse riding accessories that every equestrian should possess.

The world of horse riding can seem a bit overwhelming with all the myriad accessories available in the market. But is each one of them necessary? Or, are there a few essentials that can cover most of the bases, guaranteeing both convenience and safety? We’ll demystify that in this blog post. We’re also going to delve into the benefits of these accessories, the reasons you should own them, when to use them and a few examples of how they enhance the riding experience.

Horse Riding Accessories

Primacy of Safety Gear

The highest priority of every rider, irrespective of their skill level, should be safety. In this regard, there are three indispensable pieces every equestrian must have – a quality helmet, a robust pair of riding boots, and a reliable body protector. Helmets are mandatory as they protect our heads from potential falls and accidents. Similarly, riding boots offer foot protection and additional control when riding, while body protectors shield our chest and back from injuries.

Gloves, too, are part of essential safety gear, though they’re often overlooked. Perfect for chilly rides and preventing blisters, gloves exist in different materials such as leather, mesh, microfiber, and more. Make sure to choose one that fits you well.

Tack Essentials

Apart from the rider’s safety gear, the horse’s tack is also integrally crucial. Primarily, a saddle and a bridle are of utmost importance. A saddle, along with its accessories like stirrups, leathers, and girth, should fit the horse perfectly. Bridles, on the other hand, come in various styles, and you’d want to pick one that’s comfortable for your horse.

Don’t forget a saddle pad or a numnah to provide comfort for your horse and protect the saddle from sweat and dirt. It should be breathable and easy to clean. Also, consider a halter and lead rope, which are useful for leading and tying up your horse.

Riding Apparel & Equipment

After safety and tack, comes the need for suitable riding apparel and equipment. You’ll want to consider items such as breeches, jodhpurs, or riding pants for comfort and flexibility, a riding salopettes for cold weather, a whip or crop for showing and training, and a chamois towel for drying your horse after a wet ride.

Remember to add a sturdy pair of riding gloves to your apparel list too. They provide an effective grip, keep your hands shielded from the weather, and prevent chafing against the reins.

Grooming Supplies for Your Horse

Equine health should be a top concern for every rider. Keep a grooming kit that includes a grooming brush, hoof pick, mane comb, and tail brush. Along with these, include shampoo, conditioner, and liniment. Regular grooming not only keeps your horse healthy but also strengthens the bond between you both.

Storage and Travel Essentials

When you are going for competitive shows or simply craving a ride in new terrains, travel essentials become imperative. A kit bag to house all your accessories, a saddle carrier, and a tail guard to protect your horse’s tail during transit should make your checklist.

Necessity of First Aid Kit

Lastly, remember to prepare for the unexpected. Accidents can happen. Variety of bandages, antiseptic solution, wound ointment, ice packs, etc., should be included in your first aid kit. It’d be best to check with your vet for additional supplies depending on your horse’s needs.


Horse riding accessories, though exhilarating, can be fraught with potential risks. Ensuring safety, hygiene, and basic amenities isn’t an option, but a requirement that lies at the foundation of an enriching equestrian journey. From personal rider safety gear and horse tack to grooming supplies, apparel, travel essentials, and a necessary first aid kit, each plays a pivotal role in this journey. Having a checklist of these essentials is good practice that’ll pay you back in safety, convenience, and an overall enjoyable ride. Remember, your enjoyment on horseback doesn’t come from the accessories you own but from the peace of mind knowing that you’re prepared for the ride. Happy riding!