Safety Comes First: 8 Essential Pieces of Gear for Motocross Enthusiasts


Motocross gear is much more than just cool to look at. It is also designed to help keep riders safe. Unfortunately, all this safety gear doesn’t come cheap. As a result, most riders want to ensure they are purchasing the right items.

Motocross gear

1. Goggles

Goggles are a must-have. Regardless of if a rider chooses motocross specific goggles or goes for mountain bike goggles, having something to protect the eyes is a must. Along with ensuring a rider can see clearly ahead of them, quality goggles will also protect the eyes from mud, rocks, dust, rain, and wind.

2. Helmet

It is essential to have a helmet before riding a motocross bike, or any other type of bike for that matter. In fact, the helmet is the most important piece of protection to wear. Keep in mind with motocross, it’s not if someone will crash, it’s when. Because of this, it is essential to find a properly fitting helmet that provides adequate protection. Don’t settle for a cheap helmet. When it comes to safety gear, this is not an area where you should try to skimp and save.

3. Boots

Quality motocross boots have several functions. They can help absorb the impact when someone lands jumps and protect riders from the roost, which is the rocks that are thrown from the rear wheel of the bikes in front of them. The right boots can also protect a rider’s feet from the sharp edges of the footpegs and keep a rider from breaking or twisting their ankles.

4. Gloves, Jersey, and Pants

The motocross gear combo will offer several pieces of protective gear. The durable jersey and pants will provide some protection if a rider crashes. Quality motocross gloves will also help to prevent large and painful blisters.

It may be wise to take along a few sets. After all, no one wants to wear wet gear.

5. Chest Protector

It is important to note that roost and chest protectors are not the same. The roost protector will provide protection against dirt and rocks that are flung up by another rider. The chest protector will offer some protection against roost, but it will also protect a rider if they crash.

6. Elbow Pads and Knee Pads

Like the chest protector, there are many riders who do not wear elbow pads. However, they can be beneficial. Arm pump is a real thing, which is why some people don’t wear them, but this is a personal decision. Most riders wear knee pads.

7. Gear Bag

Once someone buys all the gear they need, they need something to carry it in. Choose a specialty-made motocross bag to have a great way to keep everything together and to look stylish along the way.

8. Visor

Sometimes, motocross helmets can be fitted with visors. There are ones without this feature, too. It is up to a rider to decide if this is a type of safety gear they want to consider.

When it comes to motocross gear, there are many factors to consider. Be sure to keep the tips and information here in mind to make the right decision and get the necessary safety gear. This is going to pay off and help ensure a rider remains safe and injury-free while riding.


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