Machine Learning – A Power to each individual in this creative world


Computers work only with data or instruction that is pre-programmed by humans. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next level for this electronic world where Computers are made to think or perform beyond the programmed task. Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Machine learning is the study of algorithm and scientific model to perform the specific task without using explicit content without depending on pattern and interference. Best Mobile App Development Companies are stepped in Artificial intelligence in digital assistant features for daily tasks of the user.

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning is the new phase of the industrial revolution. The Data scientist and Computer engineers considered that last revolution will turn the manual labor work of humans. But this revolution through Machine learning will reduce the mental labor work of humans.

Machine Learning - A Power to each individual in this creative world

Machine learning starts with intelligent gaming

Many modern intelligent bots and programmed devices are improvised for better own thinking. But in 1997, the chess-playing machine Deep blue was invented by IBM which defeated the Gary Kasparov. This surprised and believed that humans can build their own thinking machine. The same concept is again proved by the machine Google Deepmind’s Alpha go, defeated Lee Sedol, former Go world champions in 2016. Go is an ancient Chinese game, which is more difficult than an ordinary chess game.

Self-Driving cars and automated transportation

There is a main concern for every individual to avoid road and air accident by Human error. Flight Management System (FMS), a combination of GPS, motion sensor and computer systems to track position during flight. These technologies of the flight management system help in an automated and semi-automated vehicle which is highly reliable.

Self-riding cars are ready for reality mainly for road accidents, to avoid obstacles, to obey the different traffic pattern. Semi-automated cars are already discovered and having it in existence. The basic example is Google maps that are integrated with the Smartphone. Say, maps could give you the shortest distance by comparing other alternative paths. This is possible by sensing all parameters that are necessary to ride in heavy traffic.


Future of individual with Cyborg Technology

The technology that gives profit beyond nature is phenomenal. The extreme lead of Machine learning is called Cyborg Technology. Oxford C.S Professor Shimon Whiteson insists that Cyborg technology will improve the limitations and weakness of the human brain and made to perform with higher efficiency. Biologically, the natural abilities of the human brain can be triggering the human brain with Cyborg technology.

But sadly, half of the people in the world are partial with cyborg mode. Say, human needs smartphones to trigger their mind to do a normal day to day life work such as browsing through Google, navigation, acquiring knowledge etc.

A very advanced version of Cyborg technology by Yoky Matsuoka is by Machine learning could be used for amputated limbs. With this technology brain could be able to communicate through the artificial robotic limb is the breakthrough of technology.

Machine learning in non-habitual works

Bomb disposal is one of the risky jobs in which robots semi-automated robots are employed nowadays. Fully automated bomb disposal robots are employed to sense the exact bomb location to avoid the exploitation of human life. With the aid of artificial intelligence, the bots are made to think like humans and corrective actions are done.

Welding is one of the risky jobs where the humans need to face the noise, intense, heat and toxic substance found in fumes. Without using Machine learning the welding bots are pre-programmed in a path to weld which is using day to day.  With the use of Machine learning, the welding could be done for different logics without being programmed with the greatest degree of accuracy.

Machine learning for Robot emotions or Human-friendly robot

Robots are an emotionless machine. It is mainly designed to assist the humans whereas fully friendly robots are not designed till date to understand human emotions. In 2014 Japan has developed a robot to understand the emotion or mood of the human, compile it with previously programmed emotion to make the owners change their mood or enjoy with them. In the future, there is a technology where one could buy a robotic friend.

Eldercare home Robots

As we grow older, we seek someone to take care of us by all means like support to walk, to feed, to remind, to a washroom and so on. Artificial intelligence makes a way for this solution called Eldercare home robots. These robots could help the seniors for well being and helping in an everyday task to stay independent living in their home as long as possible.

AI personal assistants

The preliminary step of Artificial Intelligence is stepped into us through Smartphone’s. Smartphone assist in everything such as calling an important person, details about the meetings, likes and dislikes of the users, automatically navigating the user from one place to another.

Companies like Google and Amazon strive hard in making the best assistant with best voice recognition and fully automated devices to perform a complex task.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are boons of modern technologies to assist human’s smaller task to complex activity. Scientist and Engineers are striving hard in developing Robots to think as human think and perform individual activities.


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