Tips to Choose the Right Attire for Contemporary Dances


Are you planning to buy contemporary dance costumes for your upcoming dance competition? If yes, then you should have some details in mind. Dance costumes are expensive and they play an important role in your overall performance. If you have a dance instructor, then he or she will definitely help you to find the right dance accessories including your dresses, but it is always good to make some research on your own.

Your search should start with what kind of dance you are associated with and what kind of style you are going show on the stage. In this article, we talk about the factors you should keep in mind when choosing dance costumes for contemporary dance practices.

contemporary dance costumes

Ballroom Dancing

This form of dance requires discipline and a skilled partner along with a lot of practices. Attire plays an important role in this dance form especially when you are going to perform it on the stage. Wearing shining contemporary is a good idea.

You can buy fitting halter tops, bright-colored and elegant costumes. The dress should make you feel comfortable and at the same time look gorgeous as contemporary dance costumes.

Sleeveless Camisole Costume

If you are looking for a suitable outfit for contemporary dances, a nicely-designed mini dress can be a perfect choice for your performance. You can choose an empire waist and sleeveless camisole strap, as this can be a superb combination for romantic numbers.

Since contemporary dance numbers are a combination of classic and modern dance styles, you have to bring the vibe through your attire too by donning one of the best contemporary dance costumes.

For Hip Hop

Hip hop is a freestyle of dancing and it gives you the freedom of expression. Your attire in this form of dance can be casual. You can prefer cargo pants, loose shirts, funky leggings, racer backs, trucker caps, and other styling staff. There are no dress codes or guidelines for this form of dance. However, you have to feel comfortable when showing some moves.

Two-Piece Dress

This type of dress can be an ideal choice for contemporary dance performances. The best part about this type of attire is that they can be used both during practices and during the final performance. You can wear a front slit cut mini skirt and illusion neck top to look best for the competition. If you are going to perform with a partner, prefer mint or burgundy color dress.

For Break Dance

This form of dance involves some of the toughest moves in the circuit. There will be cartwheels, head spins, splits and moonwalk and you have to be ready with the right costume to burn the stage. Your attire for this form of dance should be comfortable. Nylon tracksuits, fitting vests or hooded jackets can be a perfect choice. Your upper outfit can be less shaggy than the lower ones.

Designer Wear

Choosing designer wear as contemporary dance costumes can be a great way to perform. A designer knows how to reflect the character and storyline through your attire. Designer dance costume can be a perfect fit, as it will stay in place and give you total flexibility at the same time.

Best Tutu Dress

Tutu is one of the toughest forms of dance, where hard and prolonged practice says the last word. Here you have to expose your feet motion and wearing a short dress is ideal for this if the dance number comes with some ballet touch. You can opt for a multi-layered hem dress for a tutu, as the attire will give you a baby-doll like an appearance. Back featuring bodice hue for back sheer long sleeve can be a good option for you.

These are some useful tips to pick the right type of dress for your dance performance. Some dance clothes may come with high-price tags and you have to be careful when purchasing them. You can also ask your instructor to suggest for the best contemporary dance costumes.  


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