When Should See a Gynecologist for the First Time?


When should my daughter first go to the gynecologist?” It is the questions mothers often ask doctors.

If you are a conscious girl or a parent of a girl, you should know the answer to this question. You should visit a gynecologist somewhere around 13 years age or after becoming sexually active; whichever is earlier. This article discusses when a girl should see a gynecologist for the first time.

If you are a girl who wants to avoid health risks, this topic is for you.


Choosing the Right Medical Professional

Men and women are different in many ways. Let’s start with the bodies. The human body is a complex type of system that works with the help of a number of organs. Different organs perform different functions and a doctor must have particular knowledge and skills to diagnose and treat problems faced by an organ.

Considering the complexity of body organs’ problems, we have specialists that have expertise in handling issues faced by an organ. Mean to say, we have eye specialists, ENT (ear, nose, and throat) specialists, heart specialists, and skin specialists for curing problems faced by the eyes, ENT, heart, skin respectively.

Similarly, there are illnesses, infections, and conditions that are gender specific that make doctors specialist in problems faced by a gender. Mean to say, we have specialists for women who know how to diagnose and treat problems faced by female parts such as breasts, vagina, and uterus.

Who is a Gynecologist? What Can a Gynecologist Do?

According to MedicineNet, “gynecologist is a physician who specializes in treating diseases of the female reproductive organs and providing well-woman health care that focuses primarily on the reproductive organs.” She or he is a medical doctor who specializes in the field of gynecology.

There is a difference between gynecologist and obstetrician. A gynecologist can diagnose and treat all problems facing by women where as an obstetrician can only handle pregnancy cases. Why do girls/women need a gynecologist? Let’s discuss it in the next section.

Why Visiting a Gynecologist is Important?  

Here is what a parent has asked about her daughter: “My daughter is 13, and I’m not sure when she should start seeing a gynecologist. What is the right age to take this step?” This question was asked by Erin and parents like Erin are concerned about this matter.

Mothers or women who have gone through this stage may still have doubts due to rapidly changing health conditions. It is always good to take professional help when someone is dealing with suspicions. Let’s discuss when a girl should visit a gynecologist for the first time.

Visiting a gynecologist is very important because it can be check for any symptoms, physical abnormalities, and anticipate future problems. A short discussion with a gynecologist is always very helpful for women of all ages. A pregnant woman must regularly visit a gynecologist to make sure nothing wrong happens to her or the baby.

A young girl or a woman has to visit a doctor due to many reasons. The gynecologist tells you:

  • How to take care of the body properly
  • How future problems can be avoided
  • How to have protected sexual intercourse
  • How to know if vaginal discharge is abnormal
  • How to know if a symptom is a sign of worry

Seeing a Gynecologist for the First Time

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), a girl should visit a gynecologist between the ages of 13 and 15. The first visit can be different for different girls. In general, it involves some discussion and physical examination of the private parts of the person.

Even if a girl or woman is feeling absolutely fine, it is crucial to visit a gynecologist on a regular basis. In general, a gynecologist is a friendly person and you can share anything with her/him. Your gynecologist will not disclose anything to others; the information you share will stay confidential. You don’t need to ask your gynecologist that don’t share my information; you have to trust on your doctor.

On the other hand, when a young girl faces some issues during periods or normal days, it becomes necessary to consult a specialist. Please make a list of questions before appearing before the doctor. You can expect the following during your first consultation:

  • Pap Test: It is not mandatory but some women may need it. The professional will
  • Discussion: Doctor will ask questions about routine and intimate life of the person.
  • Breast and Pelvic Examination: All female parts will be examined externally.
  • Blood Pressure Check & Urine/Blood Tests: It is normal to take blood/urine test during the first visit. The blood pressure will also be checked.

What if You Feel Uncomfortable During Examination?

Some women or young girls do not feel comfortable while consulting a gynecologist; especially if the gynecologist is male. Please note you can exercise the following rights if you feel comfortable with one of more of them:

  • You can ask the clinic to provide a female gynecologist if there is a male one.
  • Your sister, husband, mother, friend or any other relative can stay in the room during the examination.
  • You don’t have any person with you; then you can ask a nurse or a staff member to stay in the room if you do not feel comfortable being with the doctor alone.

Please note you have to tell the truth when your doctor asks questions.

Ready to Schedule Your First Gynecologist Appointment?  

Now you know the right age for a girl to visit a gynecologist for the first time. If you have reached puberty, you should schedule your first gynecologist visit. You can avoid many health problems by consulting your doctor in a timely manner.

After getting much information about this topic and you can contact a professional if you need more details. By contacting one of the providers in your area, you can know if you are a good candidate for this treatment or not.


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