Optimal Diet and Nutrition During Pregnancy


Pregnancy– a joyful time for most women!

Since it’s a wonderful time for a woman, everyone out there offers unwanted advice, when it comes to food and nutrition. And, if you’re tired of listening to such recommendations and are seeking some useful and trustworthy piece of advice, then stop hovering around.

Here we have listed all the best possible nutrition for pregnant women, not from any relatives, nutritionists, or midwives; but from the women, who enjoyed their pregnancy period. In addition to a healthy pregnancy, they now are having a vigorous body. So, all those looking for such wonderful life during and after pregnancy must consider this diet once. Also, make sure that you get the original multivitamin patches.

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Nutrition for Healthy Pregnancy

As aware, a pregnant woman needs more nutrition than a normal woman, who is not expecting. Some of the crucial nutrients, which are a must for diet include folic acid, protein, calcium, and iron. To understand the requirement of these nutrients in the diet, let’s explore what they have to offer.

1. Folic Acid

Folic Acid, the main constituent of Vitamin B is known to prevent defects in the baby’s spinal cord and brain. Because the amount of folic acid required in the diet of a pregnant woman is not sufficient in the food she eats, therefore, it is highly recommended that they take a

vitamin supplement of folic acid containing 600 micrograms. This defined amount is to be consumed in a day. Some of the food resources to be included in the diet alongside the supplements are beans, citrus fruits, leafy green vegetables, and fortified cereals.

2. Calcium

Calcium, the main baby’s teeth, and bones building nutrient, if not taken by pregnant women in sufficient amounts, then it would be drawn from the bones of the mother to meet the demand of the baby’s body during pregnancy. Another important nutrient named Vitamin D is equally essential to building the bones and teeth of the child while he is developing in the embryo.


Things to consider for Healthy Pregnancy

Another important advice of nutrition for pregnant women: The requirement of calcium in the diet of pregnant women depends on her age, as they’re directly proportional to each other.

Some of the food sources holding this requirement include cheese, leafy greens like kale, milk, yogurt, and sardines or salmon with bones.

3. Iron

Iron, Needed 27 milligrams in amount by pregnant women, this mineral is essential for sufficient blood supply to the child with oxygen, while he is developing in the embryo. If ignored, the deficiency of this nutrient can cause anemia, fatigue, and an increased risk of other fatal infections. Therefore, Vitamin C  must be taken with non-iron-rich food. Some of the food sources, which complete this requirement include fish, dried peas, and beans, poultry, and iron-rich cereal.

4. Protein

Protein, The most crucial nutrient in a pregnant woman’s diet, it is responsible for building organs like the heart and brain. Usually, a woman doesn’t face any issues with this nutrient. Therefore, to have its benefit a conceived woman must have tofu, nuts, fish, meat, dried peas and beans, and eggs in her diet.

Some of the Essential Foods to Eat

For pregnant women, the dairy product must be there for their every meal. Besides this, her plate must have a quarter of the whole grains and lean protein, and half of the fruits and vegetables. To know more about a healthy diet during pregnancy, continue reading ahead,

Whole Grains

Providing iron, fiber, and vitamin B like brown rice and oatmeal, is an important source of energy in the diet of a pregnant woman. In fact, the choice of carbohydrates for a pregnant woman should be whole grains, which should contribute more than half of the nutrients in her diet.

Lean Protein

Foods like fish, meat, eggs, cheese, milk, tofu, nuts, and beans are rich sources of protein. Therefore, every pregnant woman must include these protein-enriched foods in her diet, if she really wishes a good growth for her baby.

Fruits and Vegetables

Known as the major food source during the second and third phases of pregnancy; these are the best food for pregnant women. Especially women, who are looking for low-calorie food with a rich source of vitamins and minerals, can cheer up! As this food is going to give them, what they desire.


Milk, cheese, and yogurt are good sources of Vitamin D, calcium, and protein. Therefore, these foods must be included in the diet during pregnancy and consumed as 3-4 servings in a day.

Foods, which are Strict No

Some of the foods may increase the health risk for not only a pregnant woman but also for her baby. That’s why it is essential for a conceived woman to avoid certain foods which are rich in caffeine or alcohol content. Besides this, some of the other food source, which is on the “to avoid” list involves fish, unpasteurized food, fast foods like hot dog, luncheon meat, raw or undercooked eggs, juices, and hollandaise juices.

To wrap up, these diet recommendations, which are regarded as the best food for pregnant women are surely for all pregnant women. However, in special cases or during certain complications, it is advised to consult your gynecologist first.


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