5 Lovely Ways to Enjoy Your Garden


What good is a garden if it’s left unused throughout the years? People completely neglect their garden space and convert it into an outdoor storage lot or even worse, into a proper dumpsite. In order for this not to happen, firstly you have to learn to appreciate the open space a garden provides you with.

Just imagine, you have a little patch of nature to call your own and do on it whatever you please.

All that freedom should be used to convert your garden into a place where you can relax. Creating this safe haven within the limits of your home is far easier than you would have ever thought.

Firstly, you needn’t spend a lot of money, as there are many lovely ways to convert your garden into a pleasant place without even opening your wallet. Furthermore, every change you introduce should be gradual, and in some instances, half an hour of garden time per day is more than enough. This leaves willpower as the deciding factor in the fight for beautifying the garden space. Ready to start?

Build a DIY fire pit

DIY fire pit

If you thought that a fire pit is only the privilege of the affluent and the wealthy, you were wrong! In fact, you can build your own fire pit, without having to spend a single dollar. Gather some stones to create the outer rim and then light a fire inside to see how well the edge is withholding it.

The ideal location for the fire pit would be in the middle of the garden, far away from any plants and foliage that might catch on fire.

The fire pit will make it possible to stay outside even during chilly autumn or spring nights as you will have a heat source to keep you warm. Just grab some blankets and wrap them around yourself, as you listen to tales and stories of your friends. Your kids could have friends come over and sit around the fire pit roasting marshmallows.

Sitting outside

Garden Party

An important addition to the garden is going to be a table and a set of chairs. We are not referring to the ones that you bring out of the house every time you want to take a seat outside and then return them outdoors afterward but a permanent garden set. These stylish and comfortable garden pods will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor space but also provide a cozy retreat to enjoy the beauty of nature in utmost comfort.

This will have to be made from some waterproof material, like plastic, as it will constantly be exposed to the elements. By placing furniture outside, you are creating a home within a home and designing a new social hub.

Any visitors you have will immediately want to venture outside to take a seat and enjoy the nature. You are not the only person in love with the outdoors!

Another solution for garden furniture is reusing an old couch that can have a second life outside. Just place it against the wall of the house and sit back to enjoy the summer sunsets.

If you add a sink and hook it up to a water source, like the yard tap, you can use the garden to dine outside.

You already have a table and chairs, so why not save money that you would otherwise waste on a posh restaurant by dining home with your family.

Water features

Water features

Speaking of a water source, an outside tap provides you with a world of possibilities. Firstly, you can put a fountain in the garden. It will calm your nerves down and help you relax listening to the sound of running water.

If you are feeling ready to build further, the water flowing away from the fountain can be used to create a streamlet in your garden pods that will empty underground into the street drain. You can literally have a small river inside your backyard, turning it into a proper Japanese garden.

If you have children, then a splash pad would be a handy water feature to have. They are ideal because they require less maintenance than a swimming pool and the kids adore them. In fact, a garden splash pad is bound to draw the kids from the whole neighborhood in summer.

Throw a garden party

Ways to Enjoy Your Garden

All the effort you put into sprucing up the garden will definitely not go unnoticed. Your friends, family and neighbors alike will all want to know what you have done to the garden, so why not let them see for themselves.

A garden party is an ideal opportunity to gather around all the people dear to you, so you could enjoy the garden as a group. You can place colorful cushions on the sofa, prepare snacks and sangria wine, and decorate the garden with some flower pots to welcome your guests.

Then you can sit back and enjoy the rest of the party observing how successful all the improvements were, from the fire pit, all the way to the splash pad that the kids will find hard to leave behind.

A roof overhead

While you are admiring all the additions to the garden space, you will probably notice that something is missing and you would be right. A retractable pergola roof is that elusive third dimension that had been escaping all your décor solutions.

The thing is, outdoor space is by definition outside any type of roofing but are you ready to let all your effort go to waste just because of a hailstorm? Of course not, because the garden will have to have some sort of a retractable roof that can be used when the weather is bad.

It will also protect the patio from extreme heat and snow in winter. Even when you are not using the garden, it needs to be protected.

As we have promised earlier, nearly all the improvements listed here are cost-effective and require little time to install. With the right materials, a fire pit can be built in a single afternoon and then enjoyed in for a lifetime.

A garden party will require you to do some paper cutting and a fountain just means a short trip to the nearest DIY center. However, if you ever decide to sell the house, your lovely garden will significantly raise the value of the whole property. Who said passion is worthless!


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