5 Wines That Can Truly Elevate Your Senses


There is something unique and special about drinks- it can boost up your mood and can hike up the senses. People have been loving wine from all across the globe. Since ages, people have been into wine tasting. Wine tasting can literally draw all your senses. It is an art and some wines totally bring out the elements of our senses.

Benefits of wine

Here are some of our top wine picks which can totally drool your senses:

  1. Champagne:

Champagne is that one wine which can make you experience all the senses- color, sound, smell, flavor and also texture.

When you open a bottle of champagne, you have to ensure that the cork is opened softly with ease leaving out a hissing sound. This forms the prelude of the chorus and our ears gradually adopt this sound. You can even figure out the fineness of the bubbles by its sound.

When it comes to the sight, champagne looks crystal clear, golden and magnificent in its glass. It seems truly enchanting to the eyes.

The aroma of the champagne depends on a number of factors like notes and scents- whether the notes are spicy, wooden, or floral; and the scents are light, floral, or strong. You can also understand the variety and the ripeness of the grape by understanding the aroma.

When you sip wine, you should be able to identify its taste, and its various aspects such as sharpness, richness, intensity, and impertinence. A champagne tastes its best when it’s chilled. So, whenever you taste wine, make sure that you drop an ice cube or two in the glass.

  1. Sangria:

Sangria is a wine that truly helps to freshen up your mood and refresh your senses. This drink is most desired during summers and is a blend of various varieties of wine. Originating in Spain, it has a tangy taste and helps to soothe you down.

Though the original sangria is blood red in color and looks really appealing when it is poured into a glass, there are a few varieties which are white in color as well. When it comes to the texture, it is really light which makes it a great drink for women as well as kids.


Health Benefits of Having A Glass of Wine Daily

  1. Cabernet Sauvignon:

This is one of the most popular varieties of red wine available out there. It is renowned for its many flavors including vanilla, green bell pepper, and current. It is a feast for the tongue as it has highly rich and intense flavors. It has a high alcohol content and is loaded with tannins. Due to this, it works very well with mushrooms, meat, and pork. It also complements amazingly to cheese.

Cabernet Sauvignon also offers a variety of scents and textures. As it can grow in almost every climate, you can always find something new and exciting about it.

  1. Chardonnay:

Chardonnay is the most popular as well as the most complicated varieties of white wine. Its taste can differ depending on its notes if it is fruity, vanilla or nutty. Furthermore, it relies on the hints like butter, spices, and oak.

Some more changes are done in chardonnay at times to make it more compatible with several food items. For example, it may be blended using hints of caramel, brown sugar, pineapple, peach and so on.

  1. Sauvignon Blanc:

Sauvignon Blanc is just the right wine for you if you’re looking for something fruity. You can feel a jerk of acidity and citrus sinking in your mouth when you drink it. It can literally be paired with anything and everything, so you can go for the food items you like the most. When you pour this wine into a glass, you can smell various fruits like grapefruits, gooseberry, lemon and so much more.

Now that you know these wines, why don’t you grab any of these bottles and enjoy it?

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