5 Questions to Ask Prior Bin Hire


One of the worst mistakes any homeowner can do is to keep their garbage bins lying around just a little too long. This not only ruins the aesthetic appeal of your home, but it can also start giving out an awful stench which can be quite difficult to deal with. An effective and efficient way to get rid of waste is by seeking assistance from bin hire company in which professionals come over periodically to clear and manager their waste bins.

However, there are so many different types of bins that you can choose from as well as dozens of companies offering their services. Here are a few important questions you must ask the bin hire company before you choose the best one for your waste removal needs.

1. What Type and Size of Bin Will Best Suit Your Needs

Size of Bin

Most companies will offer different types and sizes of skip bins which you can hire for different needs and requirements. However, as a layman, you might not know which is the best one to suit your needs. Speak to the company about your needs and requirement so that they can recommend the ideal type and size of bins for your needs. This is quite an important question to ask as you might just end up paying extra if you hire a bin which is slightly too big for your requirements.

  1. What Is the Policy If You Overfill A Skip Bin

Skip Bin Overfill

Even though this might not be an everyday occurrence, but there can be times when you might overfill your skip bin due to certain emergency situations. It is important to ask this question as every bin hire company has a different set of laws and policies that they follow. There are many companies which will refuse to empty out your skip bins if they are overfilled, or they might even leave the extra waste on your property instead of clearing it off. It is important to discuss this policy with the company you are planning on hiring prior to actually hiring them.

  1. Find Out About the Kind of Compactor They Plan on Using

When we compact the trash, it essentially means that the waste will be taking up lesser space in a landfill. With the kind of strict environmental laws which are being followed now, compacting your trash might be the right way to go. Discuss with your bin hire company about the kind of compactor they are using, and whether you will need to purchase a compactor for yourself. This can help create more room in your trash bins as you can compact the trash before it is even picked up.

4. Ask Where You Should Place Your Waste Bins

Waste Bins

Many people often assume that they can simply place their waste bins on their property and it will be cleared and managed. However, this is not completely true. Every company has their own routes and ways of handling their skip bins. It is important to discuss where you should place your bins- be in on your property, your driveways, behind your garage or on your nature strip. Placing your waste bins in the wrong place might just cause the company to completely avoid picking up and managing your waste on their route.

  1. Get A Quote on Your Skip Bin

Every company will offer a different quote for their skip bins hire depending on the size of the bins you are choosing, the type of the bins and the number of bins. Get a proper quote from bin hire company on the cost of the bins hire rather than settling for an estimate to know exactly how much you will end up paying.

Get A Quote

Hiring skip bins do not have to be a long-drawn process. Ask these five important questions to your skip bin company before you hire them to handle your waste removal quickly and efficiently


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