6 Ways to Prevent Your Mental Illness and Addiction


What is Mental Illness?

Most of them were so worried about their physical health, but they won’t give that much importance when that comes to mental health. Always these 2 have interconnection with one another, if one remains untreated then the effectiveness of the treatment is a big doubt and there might be lots of opportunities to fall into relapse again and again.

There are mainly 5 types of Mental Illness:

  • Mood disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Psychotic disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Mental illness changes your way of thinking and what you act in a particular situation, these can be an upsetting one and this is not once fault, they can be identified and treated easily. You definitely need some help and guidance from your family or well-wishers to support you in all these cases. If it is unnoticed for a long time, it becomes your day-to-day life. They can be influenced by several factors like:

  • Daily habits
  • Biology
  • Genetics
  • Environment
6 Ways to prevent your mental illness and addiction

How Mental illness and Addiction connected with each other?

In co-occurring disorders, both the addiction and mental health issues have their own unique symptoms that may interfere a lot in your day by day activity. If you have a mental health problem that goes untreated, drug and alcohol addiction usually becomes worse. And when the substance abuse problem develops, your mental health problems usually increase too. They both are vice versa and you are definitely not the one alone, according to a survey:

  • Nearly 50% of people with severe mental disorders are affected by substance abuse.
  • 53% of people who abuse drugs and 37% of people who abuse alcohol, at least have one serious mental illness.
  • In the total number of people who were diagnosed with mental illness, about 29% of them were addicted to either substance or alcohol.

6 ways to prevent it:

Here in this blog, we have listed a few ways to prevent your mental illness and addiction:

Be way from things that give you negative vibration

When a situation or a kind of people makes you feel stressed or making you feel guilty, try to be away from those kinds of people and situations. When this state keeps on repeating that makes you feel so depressed and this itself paves a way for your addiction either it can be a substance or alcohol addiction. So it is far better to avoid these kinds of situations and people, this prevents you to be away from the negativity.

A comfort circle

Try to be around people who can motivate you when you feel low at times and be there with you to reach your goals, since the treatment needs support from your loved ones or neighbors. This can push you a step ahead in your treatment process when you have a good circle of well-wishers along with you, there is less number of possibilities for you to fall as a prey to mental illness, you can easily share your thoughts and get easy solution for a problem or situation.

Good Diet

Food is the best medicine that nature has gifted us, what to eat and how much we can consume can help a lot in order to balance our physical and mental health. Try to munch on foods which has more antioxidant, which releases a hormone that helps to lower your pressure and anxiety.

When you are upset or feeling low our brain releases so toxic hormones, in order to fight with that antioxidants play a major role to stabilize these negative emotions, be careful that some kind of food may induce negative emotions too. This may worsen the situation and make you addicted to any kind of substance.

Regular Exercise

Exercising regularly not only makes you physically fit, but it also improves the oxygen supply to your brain and makes you feel fresh all day. So it is good to meditation for recovery to start your day with at least 30 minutes of regular exercising, either it can be walking too. Make it practice daily and regularise in your daily routine.

Proper Medication

Mornings are very peaceful to schedule your daily tasks, analyze yesterday’s mistake, get a good solution for a problem, clearly sketch out the to-do list for the day without any hurry burry. Daily for at least 10 minutes to sit in a place, concentrate on a distant object, or just concentrate on your breathing, this makes you feel more relaxed and give calmness to your mind and body. This helps to increase your problematic skills, makes you a better decision making a person and keeps you away from all negatives.

Learn to deal with stress

Stress is the major problem everyone is facing around, try to follow a good diet, be aware of the problematic people/situation, try to control your emotions, which many times kills your decision making power. If something you can’t control yourself, seek help from your family and friends, if they struggle to find a way, better consult a doctor to guide you.

Bottom line

Everything happens for a reason, this universe has a connection between things. In that both the addiction and mental illness were intertwined, when somebody hurt or being hurt for a long time they are definitely depressed, suffer from some mental conditions and this definitely leads away to addiction.

Here we have mentioned a few preventive measures, how one can save himself from all odds. If you are not alright with preventive measures then it is right to visit drug treatment centers in Houston which helps you to find a way to recovery.


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