Benefits That Are Offered By Stucco


Do you want to add a new look to your home exterior? Then, one of the options you may consider would be to add stucco. This makes the exterior of the home look appealing and rich. In addition, this offers a myriad of benefits to the homeowner.

This material is made of a cement mixture that offers a lot of advantages to the homeowners. It is the exterior wall finish that gives a new look to the home from the outside. This also adds good resale value to the home.

Whether you want to revamp the home or to construct a new house, this would add appeal to your home and make it highly durable. Many owners choose this material to add a new and different look to their dream home.

This gives an incredible appearance and is widely used for home exteriors. Many contractors and builders would suggest using this material to give a unique look to the home exterior.

Stucco is made of cement, sand, lime, and water. Once this mixture gets dried, you can paint the wall with your desired color. The contractors would use this along with the wire base known as lath for many coats, giving a durable and great look to the exterior of the home.

It is available in different textures to attain the look that the homeowner would want. The styles that are available include pebbled, raked, swirled, smooth, and course.

Few Of The Benefits That Are Offered By Stucco Include:


Highly Durable:

This is the material that is fit to be used on the exterior of the homes. The cement mixture would retain the home durability for a long time without any kind of maintenance. This material would expand and contrast with the change in the weather conditions, it reduces the cracks on the building, and avoids the exterior to fall when there is a lot of pressure applied with the change in seasons. It can be waterproofed, after which it would become resistant to mildew, rot, and mold.

Minimal Maintenance:


To maintain stucco, you do not need to spend much time, money and effort. When compared to the other materials that are used in the outdoors, this material can be repainted, reinstalled, and cleaned on a regular basis. It is the ideal option that is available to many homeowners, since when applying this material to the home’s exterior walls, all you need to do is to clear the snow from the walls and apply this material.

You can keep it away from moisture by cleaning the walls using the power washer on a regular basis. If you see that the exterior of the home is losing its sheen, then you can restore back the old look by merely re-painting it.

Increase The Value Of The Home:

This material improves the resale value of the home too. It is energy-efficient, requires minimal maintenance, free from rot, resistant to fire, and adds appeal to the home exterior. When you decide to sell the home, you will get more than what you have expected. Undeniably, people would prefer to buy properties that are eye-catching and unique in the neighborhood.

Easy To install:


The time to install stucco would take just a couple of days. All you need to do is to apply the cement mixture to the walls on the exterior and leave the mixture for two days to dry properly. It is a versatile material, as you can apply this to wood and concrete also with ease.

Once you apply, you need to pick the right color to paint on it. You can keep on changing the color to give a brand new look to your house from time to time.

Resistant To Fire:

This material is highly durable and is resistant to fire. There are many insurance companies that would be ready to offer home insurance to homes with stucco. This helps the homeowners to save a lot of money on repairs and damages.

So, if you want to give a unique look and great build to your home’s exterior, then go for the stucco to enjoy all the above-mentioned benefits.


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