8 Glaring Defects at Your Home That You Must Not Ignore


Whenever you look at your home, there’s this immense feeling of satisfaction you get that this place is yours. It is where you live, grow, and feel safe from outside disturbances. A home without any physical irregularities provides you the utmost comfort and joy.

However, that’s not the case with all houses. Whether due to improper construction, poor renovation works, or ignoring the construction problems – many issues arise that become glaring to the outsiders and uncomfortable for you to live in.

So, what kind of those glaring issues that you need to have an idea on? Here, we’ve crafted a list of problems that become the most obvious if you keep ignoring:

Glaring Defects

Cracked ceilings and walls

Cracked ceilings and walls are unpleasant to look at. They immediately hint that your house is old, weak, or improperly constructed. As a homeowner, you must take care that this issue does not arise whenever you’re constructing the house.

The possible reasons for cracking are contraction and expansion, applying low-quality paint, improper plastering work, etc. Any of the reasons might be making your home look ghastly with cracks and peeled off paint.

So, if you’re seeing such deep cracks in walls and ceilings, don’t waste time and ask professionals about the possible solutions. They do not only tell feasible options but they also make sure the mistake is not repeated.

If you have hairline cracks, you can rectify them on your own. Take the help from filling-solution and make sure it covers the entire crack. You can search online for the method of filling the hairline cracks.

Plastering defects

Imagine your home looking like makeup gone bad. This is what you get when there are deep plastering faults.

When plasterers do a poor job in applying plaster on your walls, its defects are the most glaring ones that you must act on immediately. Some of the defects are blisters, cracks, flaking, peeling, popping, uneven surface, and plaster becoming soft.

If the mixture is not combined properly or is poorly applied, you can observe these defects. You can rectify small mistakes on your own like fixing a hole or crack on plastered walls. However, if the issue is big or more complicated –it’s better to have an expert look into it.

Chipped painting

Chipped painting is another glaring defect that can make your home look haunted and unpleasant. You will not only feel uncomfortable walking into your home but your guests may hesitate to come when you invite them to your home.

Moreover, chipped painting paves way for moisture seeping into the walls, causing mould and algae to grow. If that’s the case, then you need to act fast and get a fresh coat of paint on your walls by professionals.

Whether you have a villa or a tiny apartment –good paintwork will beautify your home ten times.

Weeds and waste plants

Does your home consist of a garden? If it’s there, then make sure you are keeping it trim and tidy always. An unattended garden, especially at the front of your home, is one other glaring defect that immediately decreases the value of your property.

For keeping it clean and neat, pluck out weeds and waste plants as the first step. Second, trim the shrubs and remove dried leaves, branches, plants, etc. And next, clean the lawn and make sure it’s devoid of animal excreta, feathers, and other stuff.

Once in a while, you can have an appointment for deep cleaning your garden. It not only makes your home look good but also hygienic.

Mouldy roofs

Roofs are often the ignored part of the home. But it’s as important as the walls because it’s the pivotal structure of your house.

Roofs, if uncleaned or ignored for a long time, accumulate dust, dirt, moisture, debris, and many other waste items. It leads to the formation of mould all along the roof and its walls. The upper part of your home looks as if it’d been drawn in a glaring green shade.

There are simple ways to avoid this problem. One, making sure that roof material is a high-quality one. Two, cleaning frequently, and three, regularly painting the roof walls and surfaces. If you do this, you can avoid having mouldy roofs.

Improper plumbing and water flow

The most frustrating thing that can happen at your home is the flow of water in the bathroom, kitchen, and other surfaces. When the ground surface is improper and not slanted properly, then you can see the water standing still on the floor.

It can be a hassle for you to daily clean the water, and if you ignored it, the water can attract flies, small insects, etc. It can only be avoided by taking care of the floor structure during construction. So, ensure that your contractor is a proper one and laying the plumbing work properly.

Bent or sound-making gates

If you have a gate to your home, then make sure it’s working properly. See that it’s not bent or making any sounds while you’re moving it. A bent gate doesn’t allow easy opening and closing, and if it’s making too much noise, it creates noise pollution to your neighbours. It can be a great hassle to access the gate during night times when everyone is sleeping.

To avoid, invest in a quality gate that doesn’t rust or makes a sound after some days of usage. If you have more budget, you can also think of buying an automated gate for extra security and value to your home.

Improper front door

The main entrance door should be strong, durable, and fit correctly to the wall. Any defect in the front door, it loses its primary purpose of securing your home and exposes your home to the outsiders. So, whether you’re newly constructing a home or renovating an old one – make sure the front door is perfect.

Final thoughts

Anything in the world might not be perfect but your house can be, and making it so is in your hands. So, ensure you’re buying the home after proper inspection and consideration. And if you already own a house, you can avoid the defects by doing renovation work. It also fetches you a fair deal while selling your home.


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