Advantages of Using a Woocommerce Stock Manager


The online store is a trend of our time. But how to manage inventory in online stores. If you work with WordPress, use the WooCommerce Stock Manager plugin.

WooCommerce is suitable for e-commerce stores. And you can easily manage your inventory with the plugin management plugin. Also, you get various other benefits such as precise planning, inventory management, inventory balancing, staff efficiency and so on.

When selling physical products through your WooCommerce store, there are two things to consider: shipping and storage. Inventory control depends on your specific business scenario.

Depending on the product, sales channels and supply chain you choose, you may need to invest in the right inventory management solution. WooCommerce offers many useful plugins that you can use to integrate your inventory management solution with ease.

Woocommerce Stock Manager

Managing a WooCommerce store can be tricky. Before we even talk about running your business and manufacturing products. Yes, things may be going well right now, but sometimes you need to consider adding automatic muscle to your business to expand your business.

Otherwise, it can be challenging to keep track of your inventory because new orders will come in if you don’t support helping you grow. That’s why we’ve put this article together in ten WooCommerce inventory management plugins on the market.

WooCommerce Stock Management

You may be fine now, but if you successfully pursue your business plans and marketing strategy, your WooCommerce store will grow. It means your inventory will fit.

With WooCommerce Stock Manager, you can manage your regular inventory needs: set inventory, inventory updates, inventory levels, current and past inventory levels, and execute return orders. Also, you can calculate the average period of average sales, import and export Excel data.

Advantages of Woocommerce Stock Manager

WooCommerce offers good flexibility for integrating features that are not immediately available. So in some cases, you’ll find great tools for managing your software.

Let’s look at some of the features in which these decisions can change.

  • Professional, but simple at the same time.
  • It gives you tremendous flexibility.
  • Balance your supply chain.
  • Control of business growth.
  • It offers attractive topics.
  • Automation for quick results.
  • Management of multiple sales channels.
  • You can install supplies from anywhere.
  • He coordinates everything from one place.
  • Static integration with WooCommerce.
  • The “Variants” of a variable product can be edited by clicking the “Show Variables” button.
  • WooCommerce Stock Manager allows you to search for your product inventory.
  • To export all inventory data from your online shop, change the plugin and import it back into the store using a CSV file.

Limitations of Using WooCommerce Inventory Management

There are certain restrictions on using WooCommerce Inventory Management, including WooCommerce Inventory Manager. What issues and limitations should product manufacturers consider when deciding whether to continue or start managing WooCommerce inventory?

1. Does not keep an inventory of raw materials

WooCommerce Inventory Management is only used to keep track of finished product stocks, and many other manufacturing companies use third-party software such as Material requirements to fill this gap.

2. The inventory cannot be tracked in multiple locations

If you have multiple sales points or inventory in different locations, e.g., if you have a shipment from a wholesaler, you should check these stocks separately and manually.

3. Processing an extensive database is inconvenient

As your business grows, managing WooCommerce inventory will become a burden. Of course, you can add finished products to the system, but raw material management and production planning take place elsewhere, usually in Excel spreadsheets. Unfortunately, the problem is that Excel spreadsheets are incorrect.

4. You can only update products one at a time

For whatever reason, be it a design change or a price change, you need to change your products’ details. Unfortunately, the current WooCommerce inventory management doesn’t allow you to collect updated products, and you’ll have to check each product individually to customize it.

5. Time Consuming 

WooCommerce gives you a lot of features and is great because it’s free. However, managing WooCommerce stock styles costs you a lot of time to stay on top of ever-changing inventory without adding extra muscle to the third-party program.

Note that WooCommerce is aimed primarily at shippers or large manufacturers who do not have a complex production process.

It doesn’t mean that WooCommerce is unusable. All you need to know is that the WooCommerce ad space can be quickly disrupted if you are not aware of some of the missing features.

You still have to find a solution for other areas of your production that is not supported by WooCommerce or any other e-commerce platform.

Manage Your WooCommerce Inventory with Smart Manufacturing Software

Many other manufacturers have found that by integrating smart production software into their business, they can control their WooCommerce, allowing them to receive customer orders, manage production, and fulfill orders from a single location.

1. Manage the raw material supply

Get a better understanding of your raw material and finished product inventories by integrating Katana with your WooCommerce inventory management system.

2. Save the names

Please keep all of your brands in one place so that you and your teammates can easily find them in the future. Best of all, once you save your brands, Katana will automatically know what raw materials to allocate for your future manufacturing orders.

3. Schedule Production

Katana saves resources and material bills by automatically scheduling construction orders in the order they are created. However, if you need to prioritize your order, it’s comfortable with our convenient towing system.

4. Monitor progress

Our visual and easy-to-understand dashboard allows you to track your projects’ progress and the tasks team members have to complete. This is achieved with a simple RAG (red, yellow, green) system so you can quickly get an overview of all your production.

5. Synchronize inventory levels

Finally, fill in the gaps in WooCommerce inventory management by keeping your inventory in sync and tracking multiple inventory levels across multiple locations.

The store sync feature means that any inventory changes made in Katana will be reflected in WooCommerce. So if you are a public company and stop manufacturing a product, your WooCommerce inventory will also increase to reflect that change.


WooCommerce stock management can become very complicated as your business grows. Do you have multiple sales channels, suppliers, warehouses, etc.? It can create complex scenarios. WooCommerce Stock Management plugins help you centralize the whole process and give you, the store owner, great control.

Most of these plugins help manage multiple sales channels and warehousing and integrate with other aspects of order and supply chain management. This article tried to highlight the features of some popular WooCommerce management tools. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.


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