A Cleaning Guide To Black Tapware


If you are someone who is extremely fashionable, then investing in black tapware is probably the best decision. Black tapware has a different sophisticated and fashionable feel which cannot be found in traditional taps.

If you have installed black taps in your dream bathroom then you must also find out the right way to clean and care for them. It is better not to clean black tapware like you would most ordinary taps as they need a much more delicate approach.

If you use too harsh cleaners or scrub them too much, it could harm the color and shine of the taps. Your invested money can go down the drain and hence it is a good idea to understand how to bring a clean sparkle to black tapware.

What Is The Finish On Black Tapware?

Black Tapware


Black tapware is electroplated where the metal is dissolved using electric currents to form a coating of metal over the taps. It is more stable and lasts longer than painting or powder coating and is used extensively for black tapware. However, electroplated taps are not resistant to scratches and extra care is needed when cleaning them.


PVD is physical vapor deposition and is quite popular with manufacturers of bathroom fittings. PVD is used not only for black tapware but for metalwork tools and solar panels as well.

PVD transforms a black matte finish from a condensed phase to a gaseous phase and this is then applied using a vacuum, where the vapor condenses back into a thin film. This is what brings the beautiful black matte finish to black tapware. The process is more resilient and effective than electroplating.

How to Clean Black Tapware?

It is quite easy to clean black tapware provided some basic conceptions are cleared. All you should know is that you must avoid using chemical-based cleaners, or any out of the ordinary waxes, acids, abrasives, and polishes. Avoid rough cleaning cloths and scouring brushes as well. Just use a microfiber cloth and warm water to clean black tapware. Use gentle strokes, so that you do not damage the surface.

How to Remove O-Ring Stains?

With time you may notice that the black tapware has formed stains from the grease used on O-rings. These are visible usually between the bottom of the tap and the bathroom sink. If this stain is not removable with warm soapy water, you can use a gentle cleaner containing alcohol to remove the stain. The best thing to do is to check with your manufacturer about cleaning products and how they affect the black tapware.

Advantages of Black Tapware

Advantages of Black Tapware

Here are some advantages to having black tapware in your bathrooms:

  • They are visually appealing.
  • Black tapware complements most kitchen or bathroom color schemes.
  • The pricing is quite competitive.
  • These taps look great with marble, stone, or granite.
  • They are easy to buy.
  • They gel well with most interior designs.
  • Black does not show fingerprints easily.

Disadvantages of Black Tapware

Here are some disadvantages of installing black tapware in your bathroom or kitchen:

  • The finish fades with time.
  • It can get scratched during installation.
  • You cannot clean with wax based or chemical cleaners.
  • It will show up makeup stains or dust.

Black tapware can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bathrooms. Just make sure you clean them the right way to get maximum use out of them. The drawbacks of black tapware must not be the reason why you do not install them. Right cleaning and maintenance process will enhance the life of these taps and also give your home a unique look.


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