Advantages of Sweepstakes Marketing Strategy


A sweepstake is a kind of contest in which a prize or numerous prizes might be awarded to different winners. In sweepstakes, one person contributes a sum of money to the organization holding the sweepstake. The amount that is deposited becomes the object of competition among those who wish to win it. Sweepstake started out as a type of linked lottery wherein a fixed number of tickets were purchased.


Promotional Marketing

Today, sweepstakes in the United States are used as promotional marketing promotions to reward current customers and to attract attention to a new product. In some instances, an organization like a club or a school may hold a sweepstake to recognize its best students.

Sweepstakes in the United States can also be used for funding research and development. It is even used by some companies to award their top executives. It might sound unusual, but some of the richest people in the world are those who have entered into sweepstakes contests.


There are many ways in which the sweepstake can be organized. For example, in a corporate sweepstake, the company would be asking potential customers or partners to enter their homes and provide them with gifts for their companies. The same thing goes for sweepstakes based on athletic events or sweepstakes for charity. These contests are held in various places in the United States.

There are two types of sweepstake:

  • The first is in which the prizes are given away to the entrants. In this case, there are usually small prizes given to particular entries.
  • And the second type of sweepstake includes the combination of smaller prizes and larger ones. This means that the prizes are not single items but can come in groupings of smaller prizes or one big one.

In the Pepsi Corporation sweepstakes and promotions, they offer several kinds of prizes like gift cards to Pepsi, dinner for two at a restaurant named after Pepsin, and more. At the Star Trek Online sweepstake, there are three different types of prizes. The first type is for those who purchase a ticket. The second one is the Trek Virtual Experience Package, which includes a Star Trek video game and a special item like a Star Trek action figure. The last prize is the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A miniature statue.

When the United States Congress authorized the National Football League to hold annual gambling events throughout the country, it also authorized the placing of bets on the outcome of these sporting events. Since the inception of the NFL, there have been many different gambling acts that have been implemented. One of which is the sweepstake. This is basically an updated version of the sweepstakes that have been implemented by the NFL. This also covers the United States Lottery Commission Sweepstake.

Like the sweepstake, the trade promotion lottery also has three different categories from which to choose from. 

  • The first category is for those who enter the sweepstakes with the goal of winning a grand prize. 
  • The second category is for those who decide to enter the lottery with the intention of winning a set number of dollars. 
  • The third category is for everyone else who wants to enter. These are the same as the numbers for the sweepstake except for the terms.

A lot of people are wondering if sweepstakes have any advantages over other forms of advertising. After all, there is a person is entering the contest, isn’t he? The truth of the matter is that there are quite a few sweepstakes advantages that can help you to get more traffic for your website or to increase the number of sales that you can make. Here are some of the best and most effective.

Type of contest

A common mistake is that many website owners choose a contest type that is very general. When you do this, you are likely to flood your website with generic traffic. On the contrary, you should pick a contest that is specific to your niche. If you sell shoes, you would want to choose a sweepstake that relates specifically to shoes. If you offer computer software, you might consider a sweepstake for computer software or a contest of some kind that pertains to something that the audience is interested in.

Increase your chances of winning

The odds are very good that if you enter a contest that is not closely related to what your website is about, you are going to have a very difficult time actually winning anything. However, a contest that is related is far more likely to bring you traffic and therefore more money. You should pick a contest that you believe will bring you traffic. If it is a local sweepstake, you might want to think about entering a different local contest each day so that you have a better chance of actually winning something.


You do not want to limit your contest to one type of niche. It is far better to spread your attention out and take a shot at all of the contests available. As a result, you will end up being involved in a much wider variety of contests. That is exactly what you want, as this means that you will have more opportunities to promote your website and to build an audience for it. Therefore, while you might enter just one sweepstake a week, you may end up doing so several times a week. This will give you an excellent opportunity to build a following for your website and to make money off of your promotion while you are at it.

Shorten the process

One of the most important factors in any type of contest is the time involved in entering it. You want to be able to avoid the long forms and the endless submission procedures. Therefore, make sure that you keep the process as simple as possible. A form that asks for your mailing address and a few other basic pieces of information is likely to take too long to fill out and to get approved by the contest manager, so you are better off selecting another simpler type of contest.

Promote your website

In order to gain the greatest advantage from entering sweepstakes, you should promote your website to the participants. You can do this either through email advertising or through any number of other methods that will allow you to advertise your website and to draw in more potential participants. Additionally, you should ensure that you give away prizes when people register for your contest. Not only will this draw in more people to your website, but it will also make the process easier for the contest organizer.

Those who enter the sweepstakes with the goal of winning will get one hundred percent of their prize. Those who enter with the intention of winning will get half of their prize. The prizes in this type of sweepstake are not boundless. There is still a chance for someone to win but it is just slim. Also, those who enter with the goal of getting a set dollar amount will have their prize multiplied by the amount decided by the organizers of the trade promotion lottery.


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