Dunk Contest 2020 – Highlights worth a dig

Dunk Contest 2020

Named among the most controversial and celebrated slam dunk contests ever, the 2020 NBA slam dunk contest is already hailing among the top charts!

Now let us come straight to the winners of the contest. Derrick Jones Jr. from the team “Miami Heat” took the winner’s title. Also, Orlando Magic and Aaron Gordon succeeded in planting a pretty well score but with a straight that ended right after a jump of 7 foot, which got him a shocking score of 47.

According to the viewers, he was justifiably peeved after being played for the second time when it’s time for rap for him in the running contests. It’s a matter of extreme honor to see Gordon in a slam dunk contest.

The current season is named as one of the most entertaining slam dunk contests in recent history. It is because this season witnessed another worldly and highly adventurous aerial display by some of the premier slam maestros.

Named among the most underrated dunk of the night, Pat earned a chance over Giannis Antetokounmpo, followed by a double-clutch with enough hang time left to come back to back before finishing it. It managed to make a deal of 50!

On the other hand, Derrick Jones Jr. I succeeded in earning a full 360 with enough time left for a slight pause and then finally confronting the rim. He also used his dunks hard to add a perfect finishing to each one of them. Probably, that’s the reason why he’s the one to steal the show!

Also, the hard performance by Aaron Gordon edit text regulator to the show, right when he took a popular concept and added some other subversion that elevated the degree of difficulty. This came on the display and became his first dunk over chance!


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