All About Car Transmission Repair And Maintenance


For many car owners, their vehicle is one of the most significant possessions, so in order to keep your auto running well, performing regular checks and maintenance is essential. Periodical auto maintenance not only keeps your car driving more efficiently; it can also help you avoid costlier repairs down the road.

When it comes to car service, transmission maintenance perhaps isn’t something you keep in consideration about very often. Car transmission repair is imperative.  To ensure that the vehicle runs smoothly it must have transmission fluid flowing throughout its various parts. When all the parts of the vehicle are properly lubricated, they can perform efficiently and free from any resistance.

But, before handing over the key to a car repair or maintenance service company, it is vital for the car owner to understand some basics of your vehicle. So what exactly is transmission?Transmission Repair

What is Transmission And What Does It Do?

You could have probably heard about the car gearbox. Transmission is nothing but the car’s gearbox. It is the essential constituent that converts the engine’s power into something, your vehicle can use. There are two types of car transmission

Automatic car Transmission

Or auto transmission or self-shifting transmission in which the motor vehicle transmission can automatically change the gear ratios. Some of the advantages of the automatic transmission

  1. Accessibility– In order to control a manual transmission, new drivers often have difficulties in controlling gears and perhaps takes time to get adjusted to it. However, there is no piece of difficulty in automatic transmissions and much easy to use. Nevertheless, you need to conduct routine transmission repair to check the flexibility of the vehicle.
  2. Completely automized– When new drivers are behind the wheel, one of the basic lessons taught to them is to keep both the hands firmly on the wheels. This is pretty simple and straightforward in automatic transmissions
  3. Good option for steep areas-When you are navigating in a hilly area, keeping the vehicle inclined is difficult with the manual transmission. It is not the case with automatic transmission; you can operate efficiently regardless of the steep hills.
  4. Reduced risk– When you are driving in traffic, accelerating, deaccelerating and stopping is difficult in the manual transmission, however with automatic transmissions it enables the driver to have a smooth ride in heavy traffic.

Manual Car Transmission

It is a standard transmission that is still in use across many countries. Manual Transmission is simpler and cheaper for car manufacturers, so countries like India which consider value as the big factor are still using cars with manual transmission.

Why It Is Important To Have A Smooth Transmission In Cars?

The transmission fluid has to run across all parts of the vehicle to make the vehicle perform smooth. However, for a vehicle to run great, car transmission repair has to be done on a routine basis to ensure whether it requires a change. It is always advisable to keep in touch with your local car transmission repair service to meet your urgent vehicle needs.

Many people now have cars and they know pretty better to maintain their vehicle, however, when there is a technical difficulty, they cannot do on their own and had to seek the help of the car transmission repair service.

With a number of service repair centers available in the market choosing the best service can be quite daunting. These considerations will definitely help

  • Get recommendations from close friends and relatives who have prior experience with these service centers
  • Online reviews can make your work easier. Read the reviews about their service.
  • Compare the estimates and determine the right quote for your need.

Closing Thoughts

Periodic checking on the levels and quality of your transmission fluid is essential to keep your vehicle running well. Dirty and old transmission fluids can ruin your vehicle performance. So, get your transmission periodically serviced and inspected by a professional.


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