How Freight Management Solution is Ensuring Trucking Business Growth?


Mobile apps have become an important part of various industries as help companies provide better service to the customers. Trucking businesses are also integrating freight management solution and earning better profit along with providing the best user experience. A mobile app has also made it simple for owners to manage various processes in the delivery of goods.

Mobile app development companies are developing a mobile app like Uber for trucking businesses by adding unique features. The truck dispatch solution includes all the basic as well as advanced features. The mobile app developers and development companies also provide an option for owners to customize the truck dispatch software as per their requirement. Truck dispatch software is usually divided into three parts, including an app for the owner, driver’s app, and a mobile app for client or customer.

Freight Management Solution

How Uber for Trucking Solution can Help Business to Grow?

Trucking businesses face a number of challenges such as taking new load order, assigning it to the driver, ensuring deliveries on time, keeping track of the load vehicles. In last few years managing the whole delivery process has been difficult for trucking business owner. Hence, trucking companies are moving towards truck dispatch solution in order to smoothly manage the entire trucking business.

Three most important part of trucking business who are responsible to churn the revenues for the business are drivers, truck business owner, and clients or customers. Hence, mobile app developers are developing freight management solution with a focus on all the three stakeholders.

Below are some of the essential points on how truck dispatch solution is helping all the participants in the truck business

Helps Owner by Eliminating Middleman and Focusing on More Important Tasks

With truck dispatch solution, the truck business owner or dispatcher can eliminate the middleman. The mobile app helps the owner to manage all the delivery-related tasks with just a few clicks on the app. Truck dispatch app helps owner assign delivery tasks to drivers through an app. Moreover, the real-time tracking system can help the owner track the location of the vehicle and driver in real-time.

The mobile app has also made it possible for the owner to connect with driver and assign multiple delivers on the same route. The owner can also log costs of gas refill, lading bill from driver app. This has made it possible to collect the essential data for analysis and optimization. The mobile app can help in business growth and timely service can attract more clients or customers.

How Truck Dispatch App can Help Drivers?

Drivers are responsible to deliver goods to the destination, meet the expectation of customers and help owners to meet their sales target. Hence, to deliver goods on time and at the proper location, mobile app or Uber for trucking solution are being used on a large scale by drivers.

With the truck dispatch solution, a driver can receive and accept load or delivery request from owners. The drivers can also pick-up more than one delivery on the route. Moreover, truck dispatch software also offers drivers an option to accept or reject the request as per their route preference.

The mobile app offers full details of the delivery to the driver including the pick-up and drop-off location, time to pick-up, details of the goods to be delivered including the weight of the goods, and other additional information. Moreover, mobile apps also have a built-in traffic alert, a navigation system, and estimation of delivery time, making the whole process of goods delivery smarter for drivers.

Benefits of Truck Dispatch Solution for Clients/Customers

Customers are an important part of the business. Hence, developing interactive Uber for trucking solution for customers with unique features is necessary in order to enhance customer/client experience. Features like tracking the status of delivery, tracking driver and vehicle in real-time, online payment for delivery are being added in the truck dispatch solution for clients/customers.

The mobile apps are providing features such as delivery details, load weight, payment modes, and additional instructions at upfront to enhance the customer experience. Providing real-time alerts, push notifications and progress on goods delivery are also being focused on by the owners as well as mobile app developers. The truck dispatch solution is making simple for owner and driver to provide better service and made it simple for customers to track the delivery details easily with just a few clicks.

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