All You Need To Know About Pallet Wrapping Plastic


Plastic wraps are widely used for a multitude of purposes, from your kitchen to transportation. Thus,  you can find umpteen applications of plastic wraps. These not only act as covering but also keep things protected. One of the most common usages of plastic wrap that you will find is in covering the pallets. Thus, the pallet wraps or stretch wraps are made from Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). These keep the products tightly bound, thus reducing the probability of damage to the goods.

Therefore, the stretch wrap or pallet wrapping plastic secures them and ensures no load tampering. So, the product reaches its destination unscathed. The plastic wrap is available in different stretches, widths and lengths. Thus giving the user a multitude of choices to keep the products protected and safe. One of the popular options for stretch films is UV stretch film. Anti-static stretch fil coloured fil and vented pallet wrap. Based on your requirements, you can pick the best one.  

Unveiling More About Pallet Wrapping Plastic

Pallet Wrapping Plastic
Pallet Wrapping Plastic
Thickness 2″-5″ Banding 12″-20″ Hand Grade 20″ Machine Grade
37 Gauge It is a good choice for bundling two objects. This one is good for binding light and uniform loads that weigh less than 800 lbs Cost-saving option for wrapping loads lesser than 800 lbs
47 Gauge It is also called a hybrid bundling film and is good for wrapping heavier objects. These are also referred to as hand films. These are a bit stiffer, and you don’t need to stretch much. It is good packaging loads up to 1800 lbs. Also called equivalent machine film and is considered food for light boxes and for loads lesser than 1800 lbs.
60 Gauge These stretch wraps are good for wrapping smaller and lighter objects. Many moving companies use this stretch film. It is a good choice for wrapping loads for up to 1800 lbs. This width is good for packaging shorter loads or loads where you need to wrap the bottom and not the top. This works the same way as the 12”-20” hand stretch wrap. Using the machine, you can use this wrap more efficiently, reducing wastage.
63 Gauge This is measured in microns. It is 16 microns making it puncture resistant and stronger than the 47 gauge wrap. It is good for packaging heavier products that have lesser sharp edges. This is a thicker plastic wrap and is 16 microns in size. It is good for packaging products up to  2200 lbs. It is thick and puncture-resistant. It is used for packaging boxed pallet that weighs up to 2200 lbs.
100 Gauge This pallet wrapping plastic is used for wrapping large boxes and products. Good for packaging medium-heavy boxes like light lumber. This plastic wrap is used for packaging loads up to 2800-3000 lbs. This film requires exertion during the application of this plastic wrap. It offers the same strength as the 12”-20” hand stretch wrap. It is used for wrapping pallets of up to 55-gallon drums and heavy objects.
150 Gauge This stretch film is puncture-resistant and has great stretch, thus making it suitable for wrapping irregularly shaped boxes. It can also be used for packaging metal and heavy-duty products. The 150 gauge plastic wrap is not available in the hand stretch film. These are used for the packaging of heavy-duty pallet loads.
Pallet Wrapping Plastic
Pallet Wrapping Plastic

Concluding Notes

Henceforth, this was the basic information about the pallet wrapping plastic. Packaging plays a crucial role in the smooth and hassle-free transportation of the products to their destination. Choosing the right kind of pallet wrapping plastic is important as it eventually impacts the quality of packaging.


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