How To Become A Town Planner


Are you thinking of becoming a Town Planner? Well, if you want and really do not have a clue as to how to go with it, you are just on the right page. As is understood by the term, town planning is about planning the town, its buildings, roads, and parks and designing them to make the place more attractive and convenient for the people who live there. 

Educational Path To Becoming A Town Planner

A town planner is also referred to as a city planner or urban planner. He needs to carry certain qualifications to fulfil the roles and responsibilities. Thus, one needs to follow a specific educational path and be willing to put in several years of study before becoming an urban planner.

One needs to complete a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college and then go on to complete a master’s degree in the prospective career field. They need to study, and major in architecture, civil and environmental engineering subjects and can further specialise in the city, regional or urban town planning, based on their interests. 

Different Jobs And Career Opportunities

Once one has accomplished the   qualification, one can look for different opportunities in the market and can work in both the public and private sectors ’s job is mostly for the municipal corporations and offices. They can independently work or as a state government employee. One comes across plenty of adverts for jobs, which points to the rising demand for such profession for each state or country.

Getting A Licence

Before one can work as a town planner, they will need to become licensed. Hence, get information on how to get the licences once you have the  degree and become have registered yourself. You may have to clear an additional exam based on the state’s requirements to join the community of urban and rural planners. s. After gaining the education, experience, and license, one feels free to apply to different positions.

The Salary

Town planners make handsome salaries, and they can make a good start with a salary of £18,000 to £25,000, and with experience, their salary can reach up to £100,000. In the US, they can easily make $75,000 to $100,000 and lead a comfortable life. They can go on to become heads of departments, Chief planning officers and earn even more. 

What To Expect

The senior creative engineer working with project on drawing board

The work and role   are both interesting and challenging. They meet new clients, attend meetings and visit the sites to monitor the project. They can work with a company or as an independent consultant once they have adequate work experience. More outstanding expertise, higher experience, and a good reputation are all they need to stand a cut above the rest and stand out from competitors. Town planners are responsible to handle designs and plan for urban as well as rural areas. Sometimes, overseas travel may be required with some projects and consultancies.

In addition, town planers must carry a pleasing personality and should be good with their communication skills. They should be well versed with computers and know-how to work with software and programs to create presentations. They should be able to negotiate successfully with their clients, public officials, and colleagues in their field.

Every local authority needs planners, and hence jobs are easily available in most areas for the town planners. Thus, if you have an interest in this field, go ahead, and start planning and shaping your career. The work is challenging, but the experience is a rewarding one. And as there is an ongoing demand s, you will never run out of job options.


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