Best Travel Tips for Bangkok and Pattaya Holiday


Whenever you go anywhere or start anything new, a heap of suggestions is given to you such as don’t take food from strangers, be careful while crossing the road, have food on time, etc. This is done so to preserve you from repeating the same mistakes which others did. In the same way, we are going to provide you the best travel tips for Bangkok and Pattaya Holiday. Follow the tips to have a great and enjoyable time during Bangkok and Pattaya tour.

Get to Climate News

Climate News

Before planning any holiday, have a look at the most favorable climate or season to visit that particular place. Bangkok and Pattaya experience the tourists throughout the year but the best period to visit Bangkok and Pattaya is November to February. In these months, the weather is neither too cold nor too hot. Also, this season is packed with visitors, so make sure that you are done with your booking in advance.

Get yourself a good Map


New places are always confusing, especially the ones like Bangkok and Pattaya. Usually, people get confused street names, expressways, and most by the undistinguishable neighborhoods in Thailand. So, to avoid such kind of situation, get yourself a good map, indicating the names of places in Thai and English both. The map will act as your personal assistant during the whole tour.

Plan an organized tour

Plan an organized tour

Bangkok and Pattaya, both comprise an ample of tourist attractions which creates a state of confusion among the mind of tourists that which place to visit first. Sometimes people also give a miss to some of the major tourist attractions due to this. Also, Bangkok and Pattaya are not the walkable cities like the European ones. Taxis are almost unavoidable throughout the tour.  Therefore, plan in advance and in an organized way to avoid headaches, confusion and lost condition during the holidays.

Bangkok Taxi Tips

Bangkok Best Travel Tips

Every one of us knows that how to book or take a taxi but there are a few things which you should be careful of while taking a taxi. Firstly, look to avoid the taxis in the rush hour. Secondly, ask the driver to switch on the meter and if he doesn’t, immediately look for another taxi. There are plenty in Bangkok. Lastly, be sure that none of your belonging is left in the taxi.

Carry a Photocopy of the Passport


Due to the security purposes, the local policeman may ask you about your identity, especially when you are out in the night. So, whenever you are heading out of the hotel, do keep a document of identity along with you and in the foreign country,  Passport is the only eligible id of yours. Therefore, carry a photocopy of the passport with you as there is always a fear of losing it.

Bargain Smartly

Bargain Smartly

Bangkok and Pattaya are the shopping paradise. One who is a shopping freak would love these places. But you need to shop smartly. If you find that the shop has not hanged any barcode or set a price on the products, never purchase it on the amount asked by the seller. Also, demand the product at a price, 20 to 40% lesser than the seller’s demand. And now if the seller doesn’t agree, walk off the shop. Most of the time what happens is that the seller calls you back to settle a negotiable deal. Have a cheerful shopping experience in Bangkok and Pattaya.

Be Attentive from the Scammers


Keep a note that if any Thai person approaches you on the street than he definitely after something. The person might become too friendly or too helpful to you, for no reasons. No, the person possesses a reason to do so. He/ she might be looking to sell something to you. Something which is of no use to you. So, be aware of these kinds of scammers during the whole tour.

Beware of the Pickpockets

Bangkok and Pattaya are two of the most lovely and safest cities in the world to explore but there are some instances where people complain about Pickpocketing. So, beware of pickpockets when you are in a crowded or high traffic area.

Areas to Skip in Pattaya

The beaches of Pattaya are found to be quite polluted due to the open sewage system. Tourists who are unknown to this fact found swimming here which imposes the risk of diseases like Malaria and Dengue. So, look to skip this place and travel to Jomtein for the clean and mesmerizing beach. It will hardly take 15 minutes from there. Have a healthy and safe stay in Pattaya.

Carry a hotel card indicating Thai directions

Always ask your hotel representatives for the hotel card which is indicating the hotel’s name and address as the name and address of the hotel is quite a hectic thing to remember. Also, carrying a hotel card will resolve the problem that how will you get back to the hotel.

Take BTS & MRT in Bangkok


In Bangkok, BTS is the Skytrain service whereas MRT is the underground train service. So, when you are getting around in a busy city like Bangkok, look to have BTS or MRT instead of the Taxis or Tuk-Tuks. For the most economical traveling, get yourself a day or a week pass of BTS or MRT.

Follows the rules of Thailand

Follows the rules of Thailand

The tourist should always look to maintain the decorum of the city. They should look to follow all the rules and regulation of the country. One of the major rules which the tourist must follow is that they should not speak and laugh in high when they are in public places. This is a serious and punishable offense in Thailand.

Drink lots of water

Drink lots of water

Last but one of the important travel tip for Bangkok and Pattaya holiday is drinking a lot of water. Always keep a bottle of water with you while you are the exploring the beauties of Bangkok and Pattaya. It will keep you hydrated during the exotic tour.

These are few of the best travel tips for Bangkok and Pattaya Holiday. Hope you had a great time reading here. Do share your valuable feedback by commenting in the below section.


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