Bridgewater College Shooting


A student at Bridgewater College said she heard gunshots during class Tuesday, and hid under a desk. She was able to text her father to let him know she was safe. The campus was placed on lockdown for several hours. After she got back to her dorm, she texted to let him know she was safe. The two men were killed. Police say they believe the suspect exchanged gunfire with them and may have shot at each other.

Bridgewater College shooting

The suspect is still at large. He is believed to have shot the police officers at least seven times. The victim has not been identified. The suspect is not currently in custody. He was taken into custody without incident. One of the victims, a male with a gunshot wound, was treated at a hospital and released. However, the police are still investigating whether Campbell shot himself or a fellow student. At this point, several firearms were found near the shooting scene.

The suspect was a student at the college when the police arrived. The suspect had a short criminal history. The last time he was arrested, he was convicted of burglary and grand larceny. He has since been released. The campus is now in mourning for the two officers who died. In the meantime, students and faculty are encouraged to visit the campus to find support, or find a new place to learn.

The investigation into the tragedy continues. The school is communicating with authorities and encouraging its students to text their family members. The Bridgewater College shooting is a tragic event that has left the campus community devastated and the campus community in shock. Please continue to check the college website and text loved ones. If you have information, it would help if you were able to call or text them. If you have any updates, do not hesitate to contact the authorities and share it with us.

The shooting is a tragic incident. The suspect has been arrested and charged with capital murder and first-degree murder. The college has posted a notice of a memorial on its website. The victim’s family has not yet been identified. In addition to the victims’ families, the community is asking for prayers for the victims and the officers. If you know anyone who may have been involved, they can contact the school and report the incident to the authorities.

After the shooting, the suspect ran away on foot and continued on to the North River. He then shot two officers before fleeing the campus. By 2 p.m., the suspect was caught by police. The suspect, Alexander Wyatt Campbell, was arrested and charged with two counts of capital murder and one count of first-degree murder. Among his other charges was the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.


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