Cancer: Leave myths and Know the reality


There are so many myths about cancer that are not ready to go away, not necessarily harmful, but the confusion associated with cancer can be fatal. The truth is about new research.

In fact, cancer is a kind of fungus and it is necessary to deal with it, only the baking soda that has to be injected into the tumor. Sugar is the food of ‘cancer cells’, so if the disease is to be avoided it would be better to reduce the amount of sugar in the food.

If you do not include lemon-rich foods in your diet, then it increases the amount of acid in the blood and increases the risk of cancer. It is beneficial to consume superfoods like beetroot and broccoli. The cancer ransom and cannabis are surprisingly safe from cancer. Big companies have hidden all this important information from us for their benefit.

Cancer ransom and cannabis are surprisingly safe. Big companies have hidden all this important information from us for their benefit.

All such things are absolutely wrong. Just nonsense this information is also dangerous to us. Yet millions of web pages, YouTube videos, personal experiences of people, community chats, and a lot of suggestions, including Google’s ‘cancer prevention’ are right in front of you.

When the internet becomes our doctor, it becomes difficult to differentiate between reality and confusion. But the myths associated with cancer gives the disease itself: With the names of some diseases, fear or illusion is associated with which it can not be easy to get rid of.

Take the example of India: 11 lakh new cases of cancer are coming up every year in India. And at the same time 30 lakh Indians are taking this disease into their grip. 7,00,000 Indians die every year from cancer, 80 percent of which are due to fear, panic or negligence, when they reach doctors then it is too late.

There is also a good aspect of this tragic story: it is that many new discoveries are making the road easier to see, understand and change the ways of treating it. Now oncology (cancer pathology) is not the only solution. Many new research done in the past year has removed many confusions associated with cancer based on scientific evidence.

Myth: The warning comes without cancer

Reality: There is no truth in this matter. Most of the symptoms of cancer begin to appear, this claim has been done in the research published in the January 2015 issue of the British Journal of General Practice. It has been found that whether people decide to take medical help when they see cancer symptoms.

Nearly 52 percent of the 1,700 researches in the research did not consult with the doctor (see graphic) despite having at least one warning signs of cancer in the last three months (see Graphic). Some refused to accept the symptoms, then some did not want to waste the time of the doctor, some did not come to the doctor due to the poor diagnosis of the disease and some assumed the reason of their problem as the rising age.

Dr. Harit Chaturvedi, who heads the Indian Association of Surgical Oncology and Head of Max Institute of Oncologist in Delhi, says, “Indians are raw in the matter of doubt, hence the diagnosis and treatment of disease can start late.” Continuing for up to three weeks, for example, it is necessary to check all the lumps, wart, throat stool or mucus. And a doctor’s advice? “Doubt can overcome cancer.”

Myth: Unfortunately, cancer happens

Reality: No, no. More than 4 out of 10 types of cancer can be avoided by making lifestyle changes such as not eating tobacco, maintaining balanced weight, eating a healthy diet, drinking alcohol, saying it is aus, professor in the neuro-oncologist Dr. Amlesh Seth’s He says, “It will be in your favor.”

Due to fears, lifestyle, environment, what is the reason for this cancer, this question has troubled doctors and scientists for years. In research published in the January 2015 issue of journal Science, the method of assessing the risk of cancer through a statistical model has given rise to the new debate.

Scientists of the US-based John Hopkins Kimmell Cancer Center, mathematician Christian Tomassetty and cancer geneticist Bert Vogelstein, claim that in two-thirds of cases, cancer is caused by casual or ‘biological misfortune’ just like a car accident. Simply put, why do people who do not get used to any kind of wrong habit, have cancer, while many of the poor lifestyle keep away.

The largest bio structure: Cancer means that the cells increase manifold in multiples. In the healthy human body, ten trillion cells are disintegrated every day. Dr. Seth says, “Many cells die and the same new cells become.”

The body has its own rules and regulations: It takes four hawks in the formation of skin cells, the liver cells are formed in 150 days. , Red blood cells are formed in 120 days. DNA in heredity or living cells also passes through millions of changes every day. Most of these do not prove to be harmful or our cells have the power to repair the damage. Says Dr. Seth.

“With time and accidentally, the body makes some mistakes while making a copy of the DNA.” When such mistakes (changes) occur, the fear of becoming uncontrolled cells prevail, which is uncontrolled by not observing body rules. By the way, it starts growing and eliminates the cells and tissues around it. Says Dr. Seth, “But it still remains that the role of defense in most cancer is the most important.” He adds, “This means that if there is no way to prevent most types of cancer So, it should be emphasized to recognize their time so that the treatment can be started in time. “

Myth: As soon as the surgery is done

Reality: No need for surgery in every type of cancer, Delhi’s Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center’s Medical Director AK Says Dhawan, “The remedy for cancer prevention is to identify it at the beginning and start the right treatment. Indians feel that cancer should be expelled from the body as soon as possible.

In the early stages of the disease, the role of surgery in lump, breast, lung prostate is very low. The need is to understand what kind of tumor is, which organ and wherein it is growing and what stage has the most important disease reached.

Looking at the microscope in grading, it is determined how the cell looks different from any normal cell. Low-grade cancer develops gradually, whereas high grade increases rapidly. Phase means how cancer is growing and growing in the event of untreated treatment: i.e. reaching to other parts of the body through the formation of veins around the lump in one place, through lymphatic and blood.

Dr. Chaturvedi says, “It is important for the doctor to know the stage and grade of cancer for which the patient needs treatment. This gives an experienced oncologist the idea of ​​when the patient needs treatment and when not. There are also patients whose stages of the disease have been misunderstood and due to incomplete surgery, the disease starts again. “

There is also evidence that some follow-up trials after initial chemotherapy and radiation results in some patients and they avoid the risks and complications of surgery.

The American Society of Clinical Oncology has reached this conclusion in January.

The Society examined clinical data of stage 1 to 3 of anal cancer patients in the Memorial Sloan Catering Cancer Center between 2006 and 2014. After the treatment of chemodynamics and systematic chemotherapy, patients whose tumor was completely eliminated, their survival rate was the same, some of them had undergone surgery, some followed the method of ‘wait and watch’ inspection.

Those who escaped from surgery, they also escaped from the risk of intercourse and the risks of sexually transmitted diseases. According to the Society, acceptance of non-surgical treatment for anal cancer is increasing in the world.

Myth: Cancer Means death

Reality: It’s not like that at all. Dr. Rajan Barve of Mumbai’s Tata Memorial Hospital and Cancer Research Institute says, “Cancer treatment is difficult because it is not just a disease. It is a complex group of hundreds of diseases, some diseases are more dangerous than some.

Less. “According to the American Cancer Society, the rate of survival of all types of cancer has increased today, which was 50 percent in 1975 and today is 66 percent. Rescue rates have increased in prostate cancer (69 to 100 percent), breast cancer (75 to 89), The bladder (73 to 82), kidney (49 to 69) and throat cancer survival rate is 51 percent.

Leukemia in children had attacked in 1970 and 75 percent of the children suffering from it were killed, but today 73 percent of the patients survive. With radiation therapy, 85-90 percent of uterine cervical cancer is prevented from a prolonged illness.

A non-governmental organization Cancer Research carried out a detailed analysis of the disease prevention records from 1970 to 70 million cancer patients. This organization keeps records of people who avoid cancer and promotes research. The organization found that at the beginning of 1970 if 25 percent of people with cancer had lived for 10 years then today it has become 50 percent. This rate can be up to 75 percent in 2015. Dr. Barve says, “It shows how far we have progressed in the case of cancer prevention.”

Shark does not have cancer

Myths are not finished: Sharks do not have cancer, but they protect it; Deodorant has breast cancer; Designer lipstick and hair dye cancers, cancer is an infectious disease, it is all wrong. Myths are stupid and absurd. Maybe there is no harm to them, but the myths associated with cancer can be deadly.

Cancer is the major cause of death in the world. All the campaigns related to cancer this year, their tagline was ‘Not Bind Ass’ and all their attention is on unifying those measures, which are in our purse. Let’s start a new one.


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