7 Fascinating Coffee Table Styling for Parties & Hi-Tea


Coffee tables are used as centerpieces when it comes to decorating parties and events. The event can be done indoors or outdoors which makes glass coffee tables the ideas furniture for d├ęcor. The glass coffee tables can be used for outdoor events especially when the table tops are made from hardened glass.

The current century has many designers that have helped to come up with fascinating styles of glass coffee tables. They are mostly used for events making them stand out and look elegant. If you need making your outdoor or indoor event to be unique and well decorated, you can consider glass coffee tables.

Noguchi coffee tables are the greatest addition that you can have in your living room and both indoor and outdoor events. The curved wooden base is elegant and adds some class and flashiness to your home. If you are about to hold an event and you do not have ideas of the trendiest glass coffee tables that you can use, this article will be of great help to you. Read on to find more about the existing modern styling for parties.

Rotating Coffee Table

Rotating Coffee Table

Modern coffee tables are designed not only to be used for beverages but also to act as centerpieces that can transform the interior look of a home. When you are holding an event indoors or outdoors, having a glass tables with a rotating base is ideal. Such a table can be centrally placed and be used to hold glasses to be used by guests.

Glasses and other items that are used by visitors during the party can be easily accessed from the top of the glass coffee table with a rotating base. However, for this stylish design to be effective, you ought to ensure that it is placed as a central position which is leveled. This will prevent it from being knocked over especially when the event is busy, and people have to engage in song and dance.

Aquarium Glass Table

Aquarium Glass Table

Aquariums are great additions to your home when you have parties indoors, a glass coffee table which has the base made of an aquarium will interest people who are lovers of aquatic life. For such tables, decorative fish such as goldfish among others are included to make them stand out.

Such events are interesting, and they remain lively all through. The visitors can enjoy the fish swimming in the aquarium without interfering with their piece. The size of such an aquarium glass table is dependent on the available space and the amount of investment that the party owner has invested.

Oval Glass Coffee Table

This is one of the most popular table styling ideas that I utilized for parties that are conducted within a confined house. When you do not have sufficient space for much furniture, the oval-shaped glass coffee table can come in handy. The oval glass coffee table is more ergonomic on space, so you do not need to worry.

When you are holding a party indoors, and you need a stylish table to put your glasses and refreshments on, the oval-shaped coffee table should be your best choice among many. It will help you to save on space and can also be used by many people since there are no corners that waste too much space.

Noguchi Glass Table

The Noguchi glass table is one of the most popular designs that can be used for parties. It is made from a rounded glass tabletop and a curved wooden base. The architecture of the wood making the base is visible from the top of the glass table. This is only possible when the glass table top is made from clear glass. It is a great addition to your party as it will make the environment look classy and modernized. If you are looking or something unique that stands out from the traditional designs, the Noguchi glass coffee table design will do you wonders in the long run.

Lighted Glass Table Top

Introducing neon lights at different spots in your party can help in creating a warm and vibrant environment. When identifying the color of the neon lights to be installed on a rounded glass table, you should ensure that they complement the theme of the party. Identifying the right color for the neon lights can make the party warmer and outstanding.

For homeowners who want to have a well-decorated party with coffee table centerpieces, they should consider investing in any of the above-mentioned designs. This will make it interesting to your visitors as well as make your event memorable. In conclusion, decorating a party requires you to identify the most elegant and trendy glass table designs.


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