Cashback Research Review: Should You Opt For It or Not?


If you simply type the words “Survey websites” on a search engine innumerable websites that offer the same service will bombard you. That is, they allow internet users to fill and submit surveys about their personal opinions and information. And in return, they offer them gift cards as rewards. Out of all these websites, one of the most popular ones is Cashback Research. 

If you’re interested in joining the survey league and want to know more about the same, then keep on scrolling to read our review about Cashback Research. 

Cashback Research
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What is Cashback Research?

It is a service that allows people to register and complete questionnaires about their preferences, opinions, habits, and more. They then offer rewards to users in the form of gift cards when they complete these surveys. 

Like other survey sites, they assist market research organizations, who need information about their desired demographic by providing them the information filled in by the users. 

Is Cashback Research a Legitimate Website?

Now comes the million-dollar question, which is whether it is a legitimate website, or is just another scam. 

Don’t worry, because this site is very much legit. You’ll find several favorable cashback research reviews and testimonies, left by happy and satisfied customers on their website as well as on third-party sites. They’ve been functional for a long time and are reputed for their quality service and timely payments. 

What Are The Features of Cashback Research?

It has several great features, which rightly make it one of the most loved and trusted survey sites on the entire internet. Some of these features are – 

Easy payouts

Cashback Research payouts are easy and fast. Once you’ve completed enough surveys, you’ll get your due payment very soon. 

Get paid for every login

Unlike other sites, it pays you $0.05c every day you log in. You’ll earn just for logging in! 

Fast customer service

Another great feature is that their customer service is very prompt and they try their best to solve issues you’re facing. 

However, it has certain cons as well like low frequency of surveys, infrequent updates of rewards points, and virus warning from certain survey panels.


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