7 Healthy Gift Ideas for Your Little One


As parents, the one thing that we want above all else for our child is good health. Like most things, maintaining good health requires active foresight on our point. To be fair, for most of the year, it is fairly easy to keep up good health practices. However, this disappears when the holidays come a-knocking. While the spirit of the holiday demands we let a little loose, there is no reason to compromise on healthy practices! Here’s to keeping good practices in the holidays, with a list of healthy gift ideas for your little one:

Gift Ideas for Your Little One

1. Educational Toys

To keep your child productive and learning, while having fun, gift them educational games. Take Chemistry Science Kits, for example. Available in a number of different age-appropriate levels, these kits have the equipment and guide to conduct fun experiments through which your child can learn about the world. In fact, there are a number of fun Science Kits—Candy Chemistry Kit, Perfume Science, Archaeology Dig Kit—that your child can play, while learning about the magnificent world.

2. Indoor Sports Set

The benefits of sports are well known: besides fitness, they teach important life skills. To bring sports into your child’s life, you can get them a subscription to basketball or baseball classes as a present. You can even install a basketball hoop in your home so that they can master their game through practice. Encourage them to take up fun seasonal sports as well, buy buying them ice skates or a snowboard. Your child will enthusiastically take to the sport and inculcate a skill for life.


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3. Creative Toys

Creative Toys

If you want to propel your child towards a creative direction, instead of just purchasing art supplies, gift them fun craft kits! They can use them to create beautiful artwork out of useless household items—an effective waste management! With the Embroidery Craft Kit, your creative genius will learn embroidery through simple steps: suddenly, your old tablecloth will have all new designs! For a younger child, the Spin Art Revolution Craft Kit is a fun way to make beautiful designs on recyclable paper and plastics! Before long, your child will spend evenings making beautiful craft work!

4. High-Quality Stationery

If your little one is not-so-little, he or she may not be as impressed with toys, no matter how creative. Still, there is no reason you cannot support their creative and educational impulses! Instead of buying creative toys for them, invest in beautiful stationery. Get them the cold-pressed paper notebook or the extra-fine microtip pens they always wanted for their art. If they enjoy science, get them the beautiful storage and vacuum bottles they need for storing specimens and for experimentation. Buying them these items will convince them that their parents support their interest, which is bound to give them a confidence boost!

5. Cookbooks for Children

Many kids exhibit a major interest in the kitchen, but we tend to dissuade them because cooking involves sharp objects and the fire. However, cooking is an important life skill that can be absorbed by any age level. After setting some ground rules, you can actually encourage your child to discover the wonders of healthy cooking. There are even cookbooks geared towards children, like The Forest Feast for Kids (a beautifully illustrated cookbook with simple vegetarian recipes) and The Harry Potter Cookbook, through which your child can actually make the famed food of Hogwarts! While you are at it, you can even buy them cartoon-themed cutlery, like science mugs and tumblers!

6. Nutritious Chocolate

Nutritious Chocolate

Nearly all the kids you will ever meet will share the unanimous love for chocolate. With the holidays rolling around, their love for chocolate spikes, thanks to the numerous chocolates given as gifts from friends and family. A good way of satisfying their craving while maintaining their dental hygiene is gifting them nutritious chocolates. Gift your little one dark chocolate, flavored with nuts and honey. Instead of sugar and artificial preservatives, these chocolates are sourced organically, meaning that your child can actually enjoy the benefits of chocolate, without the effects!

7. Kinetic Sand

A really fun and upcoming present for our child is kinetic sand. This malleable product looks exactly like sand, but it can actually be molded and pieced together in a variety of fun shapes. Your child can mold it, like clay, to make beautiful sculptures without the mess! Plus, its smart design means it does not float around, dirtying the house. Buy a bucketful and your little Michelangelo will discover his favorite medium of self-expression!

Some of the most important lessons you have learned and the memories you have made are from your childhood. As parents, the gift of good health is the best gift we can give our children for them. With this list, you can way literally gift this to your little one, while keeping the fun and learning of childhood alive.

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