Tips to enjoy holidays with family/children


It may only be a few weeks, but for some parents, it is an eternity. Having children at home during the holidays can be very stressful.

Parents who normally spend some time at home say they have to do wonders to keep children entertained. And for those who work, it is added pressure to adjust the working day so that children are cared for at all times.

But not everything has to be that way. Here we present a series of tips so that you can also enjoy your children’s vacations. “The best formula is, without a doubt, to” pull “family members whenever possible, or to resort to professional caregivers, which is not always easy to find or accessible to all family economies”

Tips to enjoy holidays with family

Get the balance

If you work full-time or are a part-time parent, it is important to have a balance between work and being at home with the children. After all, it’s holiday time and you also deserve to enjoy them.

For many parents who work full time having to find alternative solutions for the care of children is an additional burden of stress. The data reveal that this responsibility tends to fall more frequently on the mother.

In fact, having the possibility to leave before work to be with children (which is already an achievement), often ends up not being very satisfactory for adults. Most people try to do some work at home or finish behind the housework and, at the same time, take care of the children, which ultimately is not very relaxing.

The best formula is, undoubtedly, to “pull” family members whenever possible, or resort to professional caregivers, which is not always easy to find or accessible to all family economies.

Find time for you

A little peace and tranquility can do wonders for your health. Therefore, try to have time for yourself during the holiday period. “Teaming up” with a friend/neighbor who also has children can work extraordinarily well.

Keep them busy

It is not only parents who must adjust to new routines during the holidays. The little ones also need a period of adjustment. They have to find new ways to structure the day as well as “relate” with other people who “will be at your service”.

There is usually a lot of local information about leisure activities dedicated to the little ones in the house. You can even search for ideas on web pages dedicated to the family. If you resort to an organized activity, make sure that the supervision and safety levels of the children are to your satisfaction.

Here are some ideas for profitable activities, especially when it’s raining or when it’s not possible to spend the whole day doing some excursions:

  • Treasure Hunt: Hide small gifts throughout the house. This game is compatible with most ages if we adopt the difficulty of the hiding places.
  • Bite the apple: Tie an apple to a rope and hang it from the lintel of any of the doors of the house. Give a little touch to the hanging apple, set turns for children to bite without using their hands.
  • Macaroni necklaces: For the little ones, linking macaroni and other hollow pasta with long strips of wool can provide hours of fun and beautiful pieces of a unique jewelry. Do not forget to put adhesive tape on one end of the wool to prevent the paste from coming out. The paste can be decorated with colored paints, although you must be aware that such creativity can lead to a good time of additional cleaning after finishing the game.
  • Old classics: You can always resort to other popular fun in the family such as riding a bike, flying kites or simply wallow in a park.

Fun and healthy food

Sometimes, just changing the routine, such as the type of snacks or food you give to children, may be enough to give the feeling and fun of the holidays. Among others, we show you the following suggestions for healthy and fun meals:

  • Popcorn: Popcorn is a very fun snack for children, very cheap for parents and very healthy for everyone.
  • Natural smoothies: The mixture of banana or other fruits with milk, in the form of a smoothie can be part of a delicious snack. Add flavor to honey, vanilla essence and yogurt (natural or flavored) to get delicious variations.
  • Artisanal pizzas: Although it can be a bit cumbersome (especially, the smaller the chefs are), it can be an excellent way to cook and have fun with dinner. You can buy pizza bases, fried tomatoes, cheese to melt and an infinite number of possible ingredients so children can combine them to their liking and even draw faces with them.
  • Mexico Lindo: The stars of Mexican food, tacos, and burritos are other interactive and healthy foods. With the fillings in the center of the table (minced meat, well-washed lettuce leaves, tomato, avocado, cheese) and the corn tortillas by hand, the little ones can have fun feeling like authentic chefs.

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