Categories of Credit Cards for Daily Financial Needs in India


Credit cards in India cater to the diverse everyday needs of individuals, providing a convenient solution for various expenses such as shopping, dining, travel, and utility bills. Lenders categorise specific credit cards according to spending patterns. OneCard credit card may suit your needs best in terms of various categories of spending habits. This guide examines various categories of credit cards to help you make informed decisions on which one to opt for.

Credit cards have different features, including eligibility requirements, reward packages, interest rates, and maintenance fees. Before activating it, you must consider these factors critically before opting for any particular credit card facility and consent to the terms and conditions guiding credit card use.

Credit Cards

Categories of the Best Credit Cards for 2023

Below are the categories of the best credit cards in India for managing everyday expenses:

Credit Cards for Everyday Purchases

If you purchase everyday groceries for your family, use the best credit card in India optimised for such frequent purchases. While hundreds of them are available in the market, the OneCard credit card is more reliable and suitable for everyday purchases. You can also use the credit card for fuel expenses, utility bills, and online purchases.

Credit Cards for Travel and Hotel Reservations

If you are a business executive who is always travelling from one city or state to another, having the OneCard credit card is the best way to minimise your travel expenses. A card for travel and travel-related expenses such as hotel booking, air flights, car rentals, and restaurant dining is best suited for your needs. Such cards will offer you higher rewards and reduce your usage fees.

Credit Cards for Entertainment

If your lifestyle entails dining out at restaurants, attending music concerts, visiting movie cinemas, and even going on racing, a specialised credit card can fund this lifestyle. General cards can do the same, but their high fees and interest rates will impact your finances. It is best to acquire the OneCard credit card for maximum savings on entertainment, without compromising your lifestyle.

Credit Cards for Luxury Purchases

Lenders offer certain credit cards at lower interest rates, categorically to purchase high-worth assets such as electronics, furniture, vehicles, and home appliances. Buyers may find these the best credit cards in India, as they facilitate seamless store and online purchases at easy EMI options and lower interest rates. With these cards, you ultimately pay less and spread your payments over several months.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Categories of Credit Cards

Credit Card Selection Guide – 4 Key Points to Note

Having stated above that credit cards come with various features and benefits, you must consider certain factors when choosing your preferred categories of cards for everyday purchases.

Some of the factors to consider are as follows:

Rewards and Loyalty Programmes

Your decision to use credit cards for everyday purchases can be motivated by the types of rewards and loyalty packages attached to the card usage. These rewards include cashback, reward points, discounts, and exclusive perks. These rewards will enable you to save money on your daily spending.

Low-Interest Rates

Interest rates and card fees are important considerations for any credit card. Benefits depend on rates and fees. It is best to go for credit cards with very low-interest rates. You may want to consider the OneCard credit card that offers low interest rates, ensuring not putting a strain on your pockets.

Security and Consumer Protection

Your credit card must have top-notch security and consumer protection measures against fraud. These may include two-factor authentication, contactless transactions, and digital encryptions that protect purchase transactions from unauthorised third parties. Your preferred credit card must also have measures to protect users’ funds in the case of fraud or unauthorised card use.


This guide covers the best categories of credit cards for daily expenses in India. Also highlighted are the categories listed and the features that make each category suitable for you. Explore your options with this guide and save more money while using your credit card for everyday purchases in 2023 and beyond.